BFG Defence Estates Wiped Out By Brown Envelopes

Heard the whole lot got Brown envelopes today to be gone by 1 May 2011.

Is this parts of the review kicking in already before anything has been officially announced yet, or did they have it coming to them ?

Anybody able to confirm / comment ?
Dear Mr Journalist,

Type BORONA into the search box (top right) for the answer to your question.
He's not a journalist. He's an embittered ex pat living on the fringe of the military community in Germany who relishes the demise of BFG or at least the tax free benefits that accompany such a posting. His posts are all the same. Full of bile about the pending demise of BFG. BFG will eventually go, but we all know that it's only there as there is no where in UK to house that many troops, but this individual will live to rue the day that it does, as the Germans probably think he's a bit of a cock as well. A sad, lonely little man, looking in from the outside and bitter that neither he nor his mum (genuinely) can use the NAAFI. He was somewhat miffed that he did not qualify for 'Veterans' access to the NAAFI. He failed to recognise that to qualify, you actually have to be a Veteran.
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