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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by CH512O, Jan 4, 2008.

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  1. Was chatting to a mate other day and going on how certain cars in Germany everyone seems to have. For instance, every SNCO seemed to drive around in SLK's a few years ago. SAAB became popular for a bit as well.
    Whats the "in-car(s)" now?
    I may end up in Germany this year so looking myself anyway, although i tend to go towards the Impreza/Evo line.
  2. Lots of Ford S-Max floating around amongst the pads
  3. Luckily i have no sprogs and i will be a Mess waller so the family style cars dont appeal to me.
  4. Well big yank cars like chevys seem to be the in thing with the rich single seniors.
  5. Last year I couldn't help but notice a lot a Lexus about, the year before that it was the SAAB 95. As for me, stinking pad, I got an S-Max too. JHQ had dozens.
  6. Therefore are you not obliged to get a big gay bike and grow a '70s pornstar 'tach 8O
  7. Damn!! :oops:
  8. I know a lot of the singlies were buying Ford Focus STs like they were going out of fashion which obviously they were !
  9. Double damn!! I was looking at them the other day!!!! Ill have to wait for the Focus RS later this year then!!! Im fecked if im going to get the new Impreza though, i have a 53Reg one now but the new one just isnt right!
  10. I know that sh1tty mg's were all the rage while i was out there.
  11. Is this years style icon not the new MAN trucks? Or is that your work car?
  12. yea i remember a few years ago it was the MG ZR - only because MG were giving out a years free insurance. once that year was up the young singlies realised what a bucket they've just bought.
  13. It was my work car, on and off, for 1 year. Got bored and now moved onto bigger ones!
    As for a new car.....well if the next board is another lottery then ill be sticking with my heap outside the office! :roll:
  14. Shaved my tash off and the bike I have parked in the RSMs' Garage.
    In this camp at the moment the following vehicle trends are IN.
    Living in (Gayish) Audi TT
    Living in (Not sure) 4x4 the size of the wheels appear important
    Living in (remainder) S-Max with 600 watt amplifiers
    Living out (Gay or very happy) Jag
    Living out (3 kids plus) Nissan 350Z coupe or a Qashqai :wave: