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Hi, im on leave and ive just bought a car, and i was wondering what i have 2 have in your car by german law? any help will be appreciated. Also do you have to do anything or inform any 1 like the DVLA your taking the car out the country. Any help will be greatly apprectiated, Thanks
Ist aid kit and warning triangle, Not sure if you need a bulb kit as well, you'll also need a set of continental lights when you get back as they don't like the light beam benders on them. Oh and advisable to carry a dispoisalbe camera in the glove box in case you have an accident. And what about your insurance? if you've got a UK one you might find you have to pay for a "green card" and may only cover you for a short period abroad ie on holiday check the small print
European Insurance cover, first aid kit; including space blanket and rubber gloves, spare fuel can (to be filled on Autobahn (motorways)). Continental headlamps.

Register with the BFG VLO within 60 days of bringing it into Germany to obtain the BFG registration document BFG Form 73.

'Keep shouting Sir, we will find you!'
Don't you have to carry a certain amount of cash on you as well, in case of an on the spot fine by the police?
You now also need to carry a High vis vest as well as warning triangle, spare bulbs, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, blanket and gloves. Also carry a fuel can (illegal to run out of fuel on autobahns) and the idea of a camera is good
Cheers for the help, can someone please tell me where i can purchase some continental headlights either of the internet or preferably somewhere in the North west.
Have to echo all the previous.

By law you need.

Green card (european insurance)

Dvr licences (to be carried whilst driving) UK and BFG.

BFG registration card (you WILL need this to buy tokens and you MAY be asked to present it on filling up).

First aid kit, including silver blanket and gloves (If you buy a "TUV" marked one in a german supermarket it will be good to go)

Warning triangle.

Spare bulbs.

Fuel can (filled for autobahns, so you may as well leave it filled)

Hi vis vest (get two to be sure)

Also not required by law but useful.

Disposable camera for crashes.

pen for fuel tokens

note book for crashes (witnesses, etc).


Winky light (you can get some that are about the same size as a torch) useful sometimes.

Water is good (it is hot here just in case for you radiator or washers I carry about 2 litres)

Jump leads if an old car.

Bear in mind you may also need snow chains in some areas (esp down south) and/or snow tyres.
Bolton_Sig said:
Cheers for the help, can someone please tell me where i can purchase some continental headlights either of the internet or preferably somewhere in the North west.
There are loads advertised in the 'Sixth Sense' and there is a also the 'headlamp shop' on 0049 2374 503322 they are in Iserlohn. If it is a new car then you can still BFG it, but I think you get 30 days grace to get a lighting check done. If it is over 3 years old then it will require an inspection and if you have got UK headlights it will fail the inspection!
you will probably also find that as soon as you get back to your unit you will need to send of an application for an import licence to obtain your bfg form 80 so that you can bfg register it (this has to be done within 30 days). Unless of course you did it before you went on leave?

Edited to say that this applies to all cars, even those over 3 years old.
The guidance given on winter tyres is good advice but under German law it is bollocks. No standard on winter tyres has been agreed by any German state or lander legistative body. The current situation is that the GCP will look in a better light at a person with winter tyres but and it is a big but what the fu#k consistutes a winter tyre? Look for a snow flake symbol someone said - bollocks to that buy some cheap remoulds and a hot stamp and emboss them yourself - OK flippant comment but do not waste good money on tyres until a standard is given. BFG VLO will advise once it becomes law. The other problem is that if winter tyres become law and you drive your brand new car of the forecourt fm a German garage, and on the first bend wrap it around a tree due to no winter tyres he has sold you a car not fit for purpose and in an illegal condition.
Wait until you get to BFG for firm guidance.
Depending on the make/year/model of your car you might be able to find them in a scrappy there was a very good one near Guthersloh/Sennelager that had a big selection of cars for breaking/spares might be a cheaper option than buying euro spec lights outright in the UK
Also bear in mind that the rear fog lamp has to be working on the left hand side of the car - most UK cars will have one on the right hand side, otherwise it will fail its BFG lights test. I had to get a new rear lamp assembly for this reason.
There are always loads advertised in the Sixth Sense paper, and if not it might make sense to get them in Germany as you can get them Tax Free then !! :D
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