BFG - Car Tax Question - Advice needed.

I'm hoping that someone wil be able to provide me with a little advice reference Taxing my car.

My UK Car Tax is due on the 28th Feb 13 however, I travel too and arrive in Harsewinkel, Germany on the 23rd of Feb.

It is my intention to BFG my car ASAP - my first day in work is the 11 Mar 13 however, it is my intention to action all of the personal admin required prior to my first working day.

My question is, do I need UK road tax to BFG my car / travel in Germany?

My guess would be that my insurance policy would not cover me if I chose to drive without tax....

Over to you.

You got it in one - you can't legally drive your car in BFG without a valid tax disc and you're not insured to if you do, a separate and second offence. I'm not sure where your unit BFG office will be but, frankly, it's unlikely that you can get your car BFG'd by 28th Feb. Your best bet is to tax it in UK, get it BFG'd as fast as you can and then use the correct DVLA forms to (a) deregister the car from the UK system with DVLA and (b) reclaim the "unused 10 months" of car tax from them too. Better safe than sorry - get the forms from a Post Office before you depart UK. Also, as tax and insurance are often renewed together, before you renew your insurance, make sure that your insurance company is one that will offer you a 12 month European Green Card - lots don't and, sadly, it usually the slightly more expensive ones that do!!

Soldatengluck in Deutschland!

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