BFG Car Rip Off

Just had a trip to BFG. Had a good look at the Six Sense Newspaper. I was quite surprised at some of the "Tax Free" car prices. Subaru WRX for £15995, STi for £20695! Having an interest in motors I had a look at some of the UK Dealers. WRX for £15699, STi for £20999 just as good if not cheaper. Another advert stated SAAB Vector Convertible at £ £19962 not bad but a SAAB Aero (better spec) can be had for £20699 in the UK. Fiesta ST TDCi £10919 total with the dealers finance in BFG, £9946 to 10099 in the UK. Altea TDi 1.9 £11495, UK Dealer £11999. Intrigued I investigated further, most prices quoted are only a few hundred pounds cheaper than the UK. So, why bother? UK market is a buyers market at the moment. Especially Rovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just signed the papers on a SAAB 9-3 vector 1.9 tid , and to be honest not too happy about it but its too late . A load of lads are getting the BMW deal now . Looked into it but it seems a rip off when you add it all up . Any way YANTO you will have to get a cheaper car now you dont want to have a new car in the posh end of town that you live in .
BMW Biggest of all. Try buying a basic M3, not specced up or metallic. Tell them you are going to keep it for a track car and not PX. Much huffing and puffing. PS Never really liked a specced up Vauxhall.PPS Impreza stealth Bombers for me. Tee Hee. Mid-life crisis, Cheaper than a mistress.

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