BFG Car Registration

New merc BFG`d 1996, tried to use govt. scrappage scheme, no chance, not registered in UK for 10 years. Probably wont affect many/any of you, info only. Footnote

Bfg can now use the UK gov scrappage scheme as long as they fit the criteria set out by UK.

BFG Help line 4100can give you this information.
BIPOLAR77 said:
page 3 makes no sense

if i was to bing a 6 year old car to germany, dot bfg it within 30 days i pay tax on it despite it being tax paid?
No you wont. This would only happen on a new car, However you would't be able to get a car pass or a fuel card and would probaly be breaking standing orders and get bent over royaly!
i got a brand new car last year in germny and am now looking to register it back in the uk. i have been told by the dvla to get a load of thing and take it to the local office however they told me to get my bfg fuel card and unfortunatly it has been mis placed and my bfg has actually run out now, what can i do? will i have to re register it with bfg? and then start the process?