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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by pricey1, Jan 5, 2006.

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  1. apologies if this is a much repeated question, i'm about to depart for germany and need ot get my car insured over there, have heard numerous names mentioned for insurance axa o'gourkes (or similar) etc but cannot find them online or contact no.s for them. can someone point me in the right direction, have a quote from naafi but suspect i can get it cheaper!
    thanks in advance
  2. I think the one you are thinking of is O'Girkes Travel, which also act as an insurance third party and what have you for the german insurance companies, of which Axa is one. They have offices on a few camps throughout BFG. Without looking into it too much, it is possible you might find links to more info on which has a downloadable "so you're posted to Germany" brochure. It's got some motoring stuff in there, as well as a bit of an explanation on the retarded BFG'ing of your vehicle.

    Naafi is a rip for sure, but it depends on what sort of motor you have as to whether the others (local companies) will even insure you at all - if you've got a high end fast motor, there are high chances you'll be stuck with Naafi.
  3. The best bet i received was from Naafi Financial. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't shop around.

  4. I promise you shop around you will find somebody else much cheaper
  5. HI,
    The insurer must be BFG approved (unfortunately, bit of a closed shop). You only have 30 days to register on arrival (just quoting the rule), so the more you can do before arrival the better.
    If you wish to get the definitive answer on approved companies, contact the BFG registration Office Help line on Civil 0049 2161 4724100
  6. ...just don't expect them to provide any help - if you can actually get through, that is.
  7. Sorry forgot to mention that bit :D
  8. You have to be kidding 8O 8O 8O 8O

    They have a £545 default min setting for me! I'm 36 and have a 30 year old Land Rover £545 fully comp :evil: £598 TPF&T :!: for Mrs FB's 106 guess what! £545 8O . For Mrs FB's Bandit 1200......have a guess.

    I know I have too many cars, but my years LOA only just covers the insurance - it really is that much more expensive (and I'm not on the tax free car money makers scheme. My cars & bikes are my children :( :oops:) Besides the tax free thing is approaching death now. All the ROs have made their money so now we can't :evil:
  9. Where you heading? If it's Fally I can give you some numbers...
  10. if you are going to be in germany for a while go to o'girkes, they are cheap if you are over 25, if you ain't go to Culpeck or CIS insurance.
  11. cheers for your help everyone, have not yet managed to get a quote but will do on monday. Cowhead: i'm going to be in hohne for a week then padeborn for 3 months then back up to hohne.
  12. Bloody nightmare this insurance lark. almost impossible to get a quote from anyone except Naafi when you're still in UK, remedy for now was short term (10days) policy to see me over to Germany (cost £65 with then i'll sort it if that helps anyone else in a similar situation!
  13. Some German banks,also have insurance brokers.As a bank customer you get preffered rates.

    I´m a taxi driver over here,insurance can cost up to 4000.Euros per year!I pay about 1200,because the company,Raiffeisen und Volksbank,also insure truck fleets and Hire cars,risky business.

    Their Homepage is, Tel.01802 78724889 Fax 0711 1395-100

    Be warned,I find their prices great,but their organisation is shite-but they´re cheap,and that´s the main thing,and they pay promtly on claims,`Direct `ins.companies are sometimes cheaper,but claims take ages.

    Happy Hunting,Midnight
  14. Just tried contacting NAAFI Finance for an insurance quote via the web site - what a pile of pish it won't recognise my service number, so I thinks 'oh well maybe its cause its a female number and therefore the system won't recognise it' free phone number thinks I, I'll give them a ring - it's the wrong number on the web site!!! I mean why on earth don't they check these things before going live or is it to prevent them having to shell out wages for call opetators?

    Rant over, soap box away
  15. I take that back - the number is right just takes a day and a week to answer the phone!