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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by spannermonkey, Jun 12, 2009.

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  1. Help !!

    ive got someone comming to buy my bike and i cant find my Bill of sale.

    has anyone got one on their pc ??

    thanks in advance
  2. for your bike... nah mate :D
  3. Get creative. Last BoS I had in BFG was a scrap of paper with previous owner's name, and "I have sold the following vehicle (insert type of vehicle and a unique identifying number here) for an agreed sum to etc........

    Seemed to work for me.
  4. did that for my XR3i Cabrio...mind this was back in 1990 :D
  5. You should be able to download a bog standard BoS... I don't think you need a specific BFG one.

    google (all the links are to pdfs) and you can find lots of info out about BFG and download the forms.

    Here is the deregistration form, if it is of any help. It has tick boxes for selling cars to entiteled and non-entitled bods.

    There is no BFG BoS... so if you have been given one it is likely to be some sort of local BFG Hitlers made up form.
  6. You can find a BFG BoS in SOBA(G) 3213 , section 6 annex F.
  7. Your BFG Clerk should be able to give you a blank BoS. Don't forget you need 2. One for you to dereg the bike and one for the buyer to BFG it.
    And take a copy of it for yourself before sending it off.