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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by scruff_2, Jun 25, 2010.

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  1. Hi

    Just bought a Honda VF750 from the UK. Will I need to change the headlight to get it BFG'd?
  2. If it is a flat dip beam, then no. These beams did not have a left or right bias and as such, are able to be used on either side of the road.
  3. Incorrect - flat beams are no longer accepted.
  4. Flat beams on m/bikes ARE accepted for BFG.
  5. If they are fitted on older machines as OE then yes, they are. Allowance is made for this as in a lot of cases, angled dip headlights are not available to be retro fitted.
  6. Then someone needs to tell the Testing centre in JHQ. I know of 2 who have had to get theirs changed.
  7. Would appear that I am not up to speed regarding the rule change that came in during 2008. I can't see anything relating to motorcycles in there though.
  8. Mate, if you are coming to JHQ area, PM me as I know guys here with flat beams have had to buy left hooker-lights after having a flat beam. Alternatively you can take 'advice' off people on here....
  9. I was serving in BFG when flat beams became 'outlawed'. My car that had been perfectly road legal for two years suddenly became illegal overnight, requiring me to go out and spend €800 on a set of left hooker lights to pass my BFG renewal, chuffed I was not. I remember someone wrote to the Sixth Sense on the subject. He pointed out that BFG regulations are there to bring the Forces residing in Germany in line with the rules and regulations of the host nation. Apparantly he went to a German civvy TUV testing centre and asked if flat beams were acceptable, the answer was a categoric "Ja". His letter was answered by someone high up in BFGVLO and was along the lines of "We make the rules around here, sonny. Wind your neck in and do not challenge our authoritaaah."
  10. Regardless, if he takes his bike (with flat beams) to JHQ, it'll fail.
  11. Unfortunately - that is always the answer with the BFGVLO!!!!!! It is an out of date system put in place to mess us around and unfortunately run by CS and ROs that really do not give a fcuk about serving soldiers
  12. Yawn...Yawn..... you haven't got a clue have you.
  13. So what about someone who buys a left hand drive car intended for the German market that has flat beams? As it will be fitted with the headlamps required in the country of its registration, there will be no 'continental' lamps available for it. What would one do then? Surely BFGVLO have to apply the same standards as TuV?
  14. Speak to WO1 (ASM) Nige Black at UKSC(G) G4 ES Branch (Bielefeld) he is a good POC for all things BFG Vehicle Testing. Sorry I don't have the tel. ext to hand, he will advice you on how to proceed.