BFG Bike Insurance

Looked all over for BFG insurance for my bike and struggling to find any companies to provide cover. Have looked at the discount directory and on web.

Could any bikers help me out.

Cheers A_J_R
I had to go through O Girke. I can't remember who I was with ( I think it was Albingia or who they got bought out by)but it is a fcuking rip off.
I pay 260 quid in the UK for a K6 GSXR 750, fully comp, full no claims (protected).
In Deutchland I was paying about 70 quid a month for 3PF&T !
You are over a barrel.
Cheers Guru, thanks for the warning about the cost. If anyone else knows a better (cheaper) company please let me know.

Where are you posted to matey?

I'm based in Sennelager and use a very helpfull chap just opposite the main gate of Normandy Bks.

As a heads up, German bike insurance is a mare, noone over here insures their bikes fully comp as its too expensive, I have a 2006 ZX10R, in the UK I was paying £450 fully comp, in Germany TPFT is £350. Fully comp is £7250! Also you can use your car no claims for your bike, unlike the UK.

Let me know where you are and I'll pass some details onto you.
Im posted to near JHQ next month my FZR600R (1994) is only £220 fully comp here and i have got more no claims on the bike than car!!

Cheers for the help


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