BFBS2 Has changed - Oh dear!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BuggerAll, Oct 12, 2006.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Am I just a crusty old fart? BFBS2 has changed, the mainchange as far as I can tell is that the afternoon radio show (going out at 1130 UK time) used to be a mix of music and interviews. Very often the topics where topical and military and the presenter (exCrab) knew something about the forces. Now we have a person called Hermoiny Granger who has a line in inane prattle about her husband, pointless friends and fashion and 'celebs'. Its like a ghastly radio version of HEAT magazine (I've seen it while waiting in the MRS)

    Does anyone out there like the program?
  2. It's not only BFBS Radio 2 that's rubbish, but the general standards over the whole BFBS Network. I know that it's free to the end user (us) but the quality of programming on TV is poor, and most of the radio programmes are no better. They are all full of innane drivel and obviously staffed by DJs who couldn't get work on a real station.

    That said, it's huge amounts better that the US equivalent - AFN. Even the Septics serving amongst Brits on Ops prefer BFBS.
  3. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    SITREP on BFBS R2 and BFPS Reports on both TV channels are good progs and should be made available to all Taxpayers (they pay for them) via free to view digital techno stuff, but the rest is pretty dire.
  4. BFBS 1 is utter drivel - radio for the hard of thinking. I rather liked BFBS 2 in it's original form.

    However, it's not available in NI, and in some parts of BFG it couldn't be received. I wrote to BFBS about this, and was informed that BFBS 1 is the most popular channel, and so has priority over BFBS 2 when it comes to channel allocations etc..

    Except, it seems, when there is football, when BFBS 2's programming is cancelled to make way for endless, boring commentary on the ball-kicking game. Why is there so much of it, I asked BFBS, and why take BFBS 2 programmes off the air to ake way for it?. Because it's so popular, they say - so why not put it on the 'most popular' channel, BFBS 1? The alternative to football always seemed to be hours of moronic drum and bass crap.

    Turning BFBS 2 into an audio version of a womans magazine is not surprise - it'll be Footballer's Wives next, mark my words.
  5. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    VB I couldn't agree more with you. I don't know which is more boring endless chavball, or endless pub bore chavs droning on about it on feeds from Five Live (5 dead more like) and don't try to seek relief from the TV because its not unusual for BFBS1 and 2 to be showing chavball as well as the other channel which shows nothing else. Oh and they go on about the pointless game ad nausium on BFBS R1 between the drum and base.

    Why can't we have Radio ARRSE?
  6. BFBS used to be excellent in the nineties and before that in the 80s it was the only channel I and a lot of Germans I knew would listen to!
  7. I used to like BFBS 1.
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    A mate of mine's the DJ on BFBS NI & I quite like listning to his show.Much better than Radio 1 chav anyday!
  9. A long time ago (early eighties and before BFBS 2) so did I. Richard Nankerville et al, and a mid-morning programme from Bielefeld in which some major's wife would cook something dinner party-ish (on the radio!!), whilst chatting in a twin-set and pearls voice.

    I once visited their HQ in Cologne; splendidly old fashioned and a rather 'there's a war on, you know' atmosphere.

    Alas, it's all become very technically glossy and professional now.
  10. As of Monday the 11th of Jan BFBS 2 is back as a separate station rather than BFBS 1 DAB coverage regurgitated on another frequency. I personally think that is very good news as I no longer have to listen to that very annoying and depressing woman who seems to go on about nothing other than the trivial problems in her life. She seems to forget that some of her listeners have far more serious things to worry about, but that#s a whole different story.

    What the return of BFBS 2 does highlight is the way the listeners complaints of the closing of the station were handled. It is now obvious that the rubbish we were given about there only being 68 BFBS 2 listeners in Germany according to their extensive customer survey, and there was no call for for a second station in places where their choice of listening was now reduced to "one". If they had been honest and said that there was going to be a pause in service, rather than there was no need for it they may have had a better response from their shunned listeners.

    Another point was that before the DAB service was introduced there was endless coverage of the launch on BFBS,. There has been no coverage, no announcements of the return of BFBS 2 on BFBS radio. I only found out when it started after the Today programme on BFBS 2 on Monday morning. Its not as if it would have cost them anything to make a few announcements on the radio in the weeks or days before.... or were they worried that they may lose some listeners to BFBS 1?
  11. Hopefully we will now get back Glenn Mansell - the jock who could walk the talk with top politicians and give all G1-G9 bods a good grilling when they spouted sh!te.
  12. BFBS2 used to get my vote, good for long drives, some excellent discussions on many different topics, that's all changed though, as for BFBS1 it's absolute shiite especially at night, really shiity crap music and little chat. I much prefer a decent talk radio type of show.
  13. I remember in the 70s that there was only one BFBS. Programs were sourced locally with links to the BBC programs (documentaries, Radio 4, the Archers, comedy programs like the Men from the Ministry, Hello Cheeky etc). It also broke the rules of UK/US broadcasting where in the US music was "distributed" according to race and in the UK Radio 1 was over dominant(and on MW) in what was promoted.

    Back then, after the major news bulletins there was a 5 minute session that was devoted to what was going on in Germany from a German perspective , ground breaking music programs as they could play what they liked outside BBC guidelines. There were link ups to various shows from the BBC(Tommy Vance, Radio 2, BBC R4 documentaries/art progs) as well as the forces favourite request type shows.I don't think any of the current BFBS channels are really tuned into producing programs and just really mimic local radio in the UK.
  14. Ah, AFN! The network that's interrupted by propaganda broadcasts (literally) every 5 minutes?
  15. Good to know that the Bumbling Fumbling Burbling Service is continuing to provide the same level of customer satisfaction it managed in my day. :D