BFBS wi-fi internet in Basra

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by helenpw, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. BFBS’s wi-fi internet trial is now operating in the new welfare village at the COB in Basra. So take your laptop to the Echos or the BASbados Coffee Bar, log on, surf the net or email family and friends. Access to the BFBS website and Army, RAF and RN sites is free, otherwise £5 buys you two hours – and you can use 10 minutes today and half-an-hour tomorrow or next week, there’s no expiry date on your two hours. So power up your laptop and click on the BFBS wi-fi pop-up.
  2. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Happy to use the site for free advertising but not happy to give people free access to ARRSE, Rum Ration, Rear Party and PPrune .......
  3. Sorry, Bad CO, thought it was useful info :oops: for those serving in Iraq - makes it easier for them to enjoy ARRSE without having to wait for their 20 mins in a Paradigm cabin...
  4. Are mil sites blocked on this system?

    Fair enough from an opsec and op minimise point of view I suppose.

    Plus loads of Rock apes posting their commando comic war stories would get a bit tedious
  5. Don't think anything is blocked, but will check with someone who knows more about it and get back to you
  6. That raises some interesting points.

    I am in Afghanistan and we have wireless access in the blocks, if the MOD provided the service free of charge then they would be completely at liberty to remove it with or without notice, as is currently the case with the Welfare Internet Suite and Paradigm phones. However if you pay for the service you receive and the "Op Minimise/OPSEC" stipulations are not part of the contract that you subscribe to (which they are not here), then such a restriction cannot apply.

    Which lends weight to removing the system altogether - since the MOD cannot remove the GSM phone system and with the advent of third party internet providers it would seem that the PERSEC/OPSEC issues that Op Minimise was designed for are very much in the the heart of the individual soldier.

    They will be removing the two-can rule next...... oh hang on, getting carried away there.
  7. To be honest the reporting period from actual incident to reporting on the BBC seems to be getting faster. Hours rather than days

    Or am I imagining this
  8. Hi,

    The system thats gone in the COB, has some free stuff. You can access the following sites for free (for all your TV listings, and to send messages to the BFBS presenters)

    You can also download a copy of Skype so you can make calls home (SKYPE to SKYPE) for internet time only. Or Skype to Landline at internet access cost, plus what ever skype charge.

    In the event of op minimise the service is switched off. If you are connected when op minimise is called, you do not lose any time.

    Just remeber your username and password !!!

    You can access anything on the net, the download speed is 128Kbps (2 and a bit times faster than dialup) and upload at 40Kbps.

    Hope its of some help :eek:
  9. Why cant the mod etc give our soldiers free access to ARRSE, Rum Ration, Rear Party and PPrune ....... It would boost our soldiers moral and reduce collective stress
  10. Chubb, why don't you fcuk off and die?

  11. STC

    Op MINIMISE has nothing whatsoever to do with either PERSEC or OPSEC. It is the best attempt the Forces have of limiting unauthorised release of the identity of fatalities prior to the correct chain of casualty notification by appropriately trained/briefed CNO. It might involve some inconvenience to other users, but compared to the potential distress of a spouse hearing her bereavement from gossip in the local shops (or a whole host of other, easily imaginable and equally appalling possible incidents), I think this is pretty minimal. You are right, however, that controlling comms is pretty tricky - with mobile phone coverage available in theatre it does rely more and more on individuals not (possibly with good - but misguided - intentions) gobbing off more than they should. Unfortunately, with the speed of media reporting of 'a' casualty, human nature means everyone in theatre wants to call home to say 'its not me'. That's just fine - until one person adds the words ' it was X instead'.

    Good luck with the remainder of your tour (and, frankly, you'll feel better for sticking to two cans anyway :D )
  12. Two can rule? wassat then? new div comes into Basra last year and decided that people couldn't wear civvies or drink in case there was an outbreak of morale.

    Before you know it they'll be limiting the use of the pool to civvies!
  13. Just an update to let you know that teething problems with the BFBS Wifi trial at the COB have now been ironed out and it's working very well in the new welfare village (and part of the Danecamp which just happens to be in the footprint). Worth giving it a try again if you had problems before.