BFBS TV needs you to vote for your favourite war film

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by BFBS, Jan 18, 2008.

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    BFBS TV needs you. We want British Forces - all three services, naturally - to vote for the the best war film ever. You’ve got a week to get your votes in - closing date is 27th Jan.

    Once the votes are all in and counted, we’ll then do a run-down of YOUR Top 20 on BFBS2 on Friday 1st February in our special ‘Forces Favourite War Films’ programme presented by Box Office Boys Paul Hendy and Richard Orford.

    And then the following weekend we’ll show your top 3 films* - in full - on consecutive nights.

    So we need to get you voting. To get you started and remind you of the many war films to choose from, those of you overseas can watch C4’s Top 100 War Films this weekend to jog your memory. That’s at 21.00 CET Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th January on BFBS2. On Saturday we begin the countdown from 100 – 51, and on Sunday we from continue from 50 to the all time No.1

    Don’t worry if your favourite isn’t in that Top 100 – you can vote for any war film ever made.

    Here’s how to vote:
    · on the special submit form at
    · by email
    · text + 44 7740 377 377 and start your message with war
    There’s a prize of a boxed set of 10 war movie DVDs, too, for one lucky voter.

    We thought it was high time we got a definitive list of the best ever war movies – voted for by the people who know.

    * We hope to show the top three films in full, but there’s a slight chance the top 3 may include a film for which we are unable to secure the broadcast rights, in which case we’ll have to show the next highest placed film.
  2. only 9 votes so far....

    Please go to and submit your vote for your favourite war film


  3. Ok voted - Kelly's Hero's did it for me...
    'Oddball' paint shells and tele sevalas Ha!

    Gladiator is up there too

    633 Sqn if only for the theme tune
  4. Thanks Wylie, it will be really interesting to find out what wins. I think it's between about 4 in my mind at the moment, but something completely unexpected could easily be up there.

    Obviously I'll post the results on here for those who can't watch the programme on BFBS2.
  5. 125 votes in so far, but still a week to go. Make sure your favourite makes the Top 20.

  6. A Bridge Too Far has got my vote. Top film, top cast and had the right people advising for it.
  7. I plucked for Das Boot.
  8. What a choice most have their merits in one form or another, but one film that I would watch again and again is Zulu. Britain at its best. Hard choice it was though as a Bridge to far and all quiet on the western front (original)not the john boy walton re-make are another two that I would also watch again again, but Zulu pips it for me.
  9. I did a bit of artistic licence here and voted again under Mrs Chimp. The above mentioned other two are films that I would watch again again but the cross of iron is a film so close to the futility of war that when I first watched it I was hooked and nearly turned into STEINER myself. so thank you Mrs Chimp I got another vote
  10. It is a tough choice. I'm not allowing myself to vote because I'm a civilian and really want this to be the Forces' choice. If I was going to vote, I might go for the last war film I saw at the cinema, Jarhead. But on the other hand, part of me feels it should really be a British film that would get my vote. Anyway, not a problem as I'm not voting.

    Thanks for all your votes so far.

  11. I to wanted Das Boot, but then Bridge Too Far got it. As they say, with the amount of top actors of the time and money spent on it, you could never make it again nowadays. Saving Pte Ryan and BAnd of Brothers came close but not quite as good.
  12. Voted for "Der Untergang", powerful film especially if seen in the original german (with subtitles).
  13. The Odd Angry Shot.
  14. It was close one, Das Boot or A Bridge Too Far?

    The paras won it by a nose.
  15. Tricky choice, but The Great Escape was always my favourite when I was a youngster, so that's what I've voted for.