BFBS to Plug P Morons Book - disgraceful!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BuggerAll, Aug 25, 2005.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    BFBS are going to interview Piers Moron on Radio 2 so that he can plug his book. I've e-mailed them to complain. BFBS should not be giving the oxygen of publicity to this particular oxygen thief. I'd be grateful if other Arrsers would do the same - perhaps we could get the b'stard taken off.
  2. Any chance of a template for the letter or at least the email to send it to, or a bit more info. Feel awkward abusing people if it might be wrong.
  3. Let's have the facts first before an action is launched. BFBS staff are never far from here, perhaps one of them could comment.
  4. Have pinged an email across to BFBS to find out more.
  5. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Keep us updated with the reply. I do find this frankly unbelievable. I am surprised that someone in the MOD hasn't picked this up. But then the Ministers and Civil Servants are so far up the ar*e of the press that they probably think it is a good idea.
  6. This has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with this thread - I just really enjoy reading it...

    From DeadBrain and a thousand other sources.
  7. Message from the Managing Editor of BFBS UK:

    Just waiting for them to confirm which e-mail address people should write in to......
  8. Why, should BFBS only interview 'great blokes?' Surely the point of a free press is to interview any one it wants and allow the viewers/ listeners/ readership make up their own minds? It might actually give people a different perspective on why the Mirror published the photos and what pressures Morgan was under to support the Mirror's anti war position.

    Of course, you could just censor him and all those whose point of view is not your own....
  9. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    People that have just written abook do not go on the media to contribute to an academic debate, they do it to SELL THEIR BOOK. By doing this interview BFPS is effectively giving Moron free advertising.

    The man edited a newspaper that was (and still is) openly hostile to the Forces and all that we stand for, and who published pictures that everyone in the media business judged to be fakes from the word go.

    He should not be granted the oxygen of publicity. Censorship - maybe, but if he wants to hawk his tawdry attempt at self justification he should do it elsewhere.
  10. I agree with chimera.

    The guy needs this tattooing or branding (preferably) on his forehead.[​IMG]

    I'm all for free speech, etc. after all my job ensures it, but making up lies and then printing them takes this priveledge a little far!!!

    He was the editor of a paper that printed what everybody knew was a lie. I knew they were fake from 20m away. Litrally, I was stood 20m away from the paper stand in Asda and knew that no one in the world would be in that body position whilst some one kicked them. I can't believe I then wasted good sole rubber to go and look closer.

    Are you a journo by anychance really?_fascinating?
  11. A statement from BFBS (but no email provided - will follow up):

  12. Good point from BFBS, no matter how loathsome and slimy Morgan is we dont cry outrage when the BBC or other news agencys give George Galloway time to talk rubbish, even though we all know what should be done to him.

    BFBS will have him on air, the only option is to send in a deluge of emails, phone calls etc rubbishing the swine. The more we demand he not be given the oxygen of publicity the more BFBS will want him on air, theres no such thing as bad publicity.

    A good situation would be for him to be tackled without deference or kid gloves for the traitorous vanity he holds so dear. A volunteer from Arrse could put him straight before he tries to sidetrack his behaviour by mentioning WMD, the UN, Blair, freedom of the press, his brother being a Major, as if this is a "get out of jail free" card

    Then again, someone should kick him to death
  13. Moron can plug his book all he likes - if its anything like his last effort, which purported to be the diary of a somebody, then it will be largely bol.locks. That particular volumne listed numerous accounts of people, places and times that the moron was supposeed to have been, cosied up to etc. On closer inspection they were found to be wrong, dubious, fictional or just plain lies - because presumbably some of these folks didn't want to be seen dead with the wanchor.

    Its amazing just what downright deception you can get away with when you've got an ego the size of Harrods.
  14. When he knowingly published that load of pish, the militants stepped up their campaign and caused even more soldiers to be killed or injured. I believe he is indirectly responsible for deaths or injuries caused to our comrades on Op TELIC. But then were the f***wits who abused prisoners for real.

    Morgan is a sleazy multi-millionaire who will become even richer through this kind of publicity. I'm all for free speech, but we don't need to give that steaming pile of filth free publicity at the expense of our dead and injured. The man is pure scum.
  15. Piers Moron has a brother in the Army. Currently a Major. Seemed a decent enough chap (the Major that is). I cannot remember what regiment he is in as I only met him in civvies (I met him at RMCS). Possibly a sapper or a loggie.

    Maybe he hates his brother, thus a bit of sibling rivalry causes him to slag off the Army, or his brother tells him the truth about all the c*ck ups?