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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tankgirl77, Dec 3, 2007.

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  1. Anyone seen BFBS Reports recently?

    Caught the end of it the other day. Haven't seen it for ages and I think they have updated it as it looks pretty good now. The Sports bit was good as there is no other way we can see reports of all the inter-services sport that goes on as well as Regimental level stuff. The presenter was good - young and enthusiastic about Services sport.

    Do they sponsor Forces sports teams?
  2. are you the producer?
  3. Good young enthusiastic reporter?

    Don't tell me they've got rid of old Asters. What is the world coming to?
  4. I always thought that BFBS was the last bastion of websters presenters / DJs who can't get a job anywhere else!
  5. From what I can see it still is and UK regional newsreporters have nothing on this crowd! I particularly like the woman whose mouth has run out of all control. It has the kids in stitches.
  6. Which one is that? Had a right chortle this morning, the dozy bint on said she loved the inflatable santa with his big sack, then said to the equally dozy bloke that he always liked inflatable things! (obviously inflatable Ingrid his polythene pal!) :D
  7. I say a report on the closure of Chelsea Brks, and the wee lassie was comming in her drawers when the guardsman/piper said he had danced with HMQ, hillarious
  8. You must work for BFBS Tankgirl. I remember BFBS TV in Germany being websters as fcuk. Adverts, in between month old Eastenders, about whats going on in a Hive nowhere near you. Those adverts with J*ck Fr*st in, telling you you can't hang your washing out on a sunday. The RMPs trying to justify their exsistance with some CCTV footage of a fight in some grotty German Squaddie nightclub.
  9. Who was that DJ in Hong Kong in the early 90s? Sandy somebloke?
  10. Yep, it is either BFBS or taking Sky TV illegally (at least BFBS has negotiated a couple more channels for the forces), and by the way, if you are overseas you are still taking sky illegally.

    Well done, lets criticise all the people who try and add to our quality of life (what do you expect for what we can afford).

    What next;

    Don’t bother with CSE shows on tour (there sh*t),

    ‘Help for heroes’ (cynical publicity courting tw*ts),

    Op NIMBY campaigners (has beens with no life)

    BFBS may not be the BBC!!!, but they provide a service (indeed the only dedicated service to separated soldiers) that brings happiness to lots of serving families
  11. Don't remember his name, but didn't he get shifted from the breakfast slot because he could never get out of his pit in time?

  12. Nobody's dismissing the need for BFBS, just commenting on some of the reporters. Much the same as everyone does with anything else on the box. I don't feel the need to be too hair tearingly grateful to the presenters though. Let's face it, they don't do it out of the goodness of their hearts. I heard a vicious rumour that some of them actually get paid.
  13. Yeah, that's him, sure his name was Sandy and he lived in Sek Kong. Blonde beard if I recall.
  14. Were as we do what we do “from the goodness of our hearts” and are all absolutely superb

    Well, I am anyway :wink:
  15. If you were trying to pass this off as a genuine first post, I hope to fcuk your job doesn't involve any undercover work!