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not sure if this is the right forum for this , or indeed if anyone is remotely interested, but anyway....

This morning in a hungover haze while looking for something on a sunday morning I came over BFBS Radio being transmitted on channel 0211 on the sky digibox. Not sure how long its been going and apologies if its already been posted somewhere before.

Im sure most of you wont give a monkeys but some of you wanting to keep up with news on BFBS that you don't get on regular radio in the same way or whatever , might be interested....

I've gone on enough , I'm off to find a hangover remedy :dead:


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It's been going on for some time now. It was a trial, and has recently been made permanent.

All we need now is BFBS TV to go on Sky as well so that UK based forces can still see BFBS Reports...
Is it on Freeview, for us pikeys who cancelled their Sky?

Sorry Toppers, no more Frankie.........
BFBS was my preferred station as I spent most of my ******* life in BFG!!! Cool - one up for sky!
It's been on for a bit noo, phone in number is 08701 202 121

As Me n Bee said it reminds me of BFG as well all 12 years of it.

Just remembered, it was the only place I've ever been that a radio was on in every office, G10 store, MT/Tank shed and even had a BFBS 2 for the Oafisirs.

The great reasoning behind it was that if the sh1t hit the fan with the 3 shock army coming over the wall then the families would be told over the radio broadcast where to go etc.

When the shite from across the water started killing us and our families in BFG, this broadcast system of warnings was extended as at the time we had anologue (spelling) phones which took 53 minutes just to call round the Regiment to tell them that the alert state had gone to RED = Imminent attack.
Fekin joke looking back but we stopped the fukers by protecting ourselves when the German Government wouldn't
rockape34 said:
'kinell - you remember the tannoy broadcasts in the billets too! much fun ;)
... methinks there was more said live then.
Tannoy ? only the fekin Crabs had that hitech (before the trainers) kit.

We had state of the Art carbon paper memo pads.
That'll please all the saddos with their scanners and second hand combats - no doubt... God bless them for being gullible eough to buy my old crap off e-bay!!! :lol:
It's been on Sky Guide number 0211 since 4th June. (It was on for 3 months or so before that as a trial, on a different channel number.) You can hear shows from Iraq, Germany and UK. As well as phoning 08701 20 21 21, you can text the Access All Areas show which goes out worldwide for messages on 07740 377 377, start your message with AAA.

BTW, you watch BFBS Reports online
smoojalooge said:
AH good old BEEFERS because they were to crap to even make it as a local radio DJ. although BFBS reports is worth a watch/listen
Whit ?

Are you saying John Peel was crap ?

BFBS Hannover, Hamburg and Berlin

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