BFBS Radio going the same way as PAYD?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Plant-Pilot, Feb 19, 2009.

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  1. Love it or hate it, BFBS Radio have been providing a service to the Forces abroard for many many years. In the last few years we have even had the option of choosing between BFBS1; for the younger listener and BFBS2; for more news coverage in the morning and a wider veriety of music for the 'older' less 'chart orientated' listener. My only small complaint would have been the 'limited reception coverage' of BFBS2, but that was always explained by the difficulty of obtaining frequencies, and I accepted it as 'the way it was'.

    According to the new Sixth Sense (Feb 19 2009, page 10, Changes in the Air at BFBS Radio), things are going to be 'improved'. They are 'down sizeing' their overseas service losing some 30 posts in Germany, Cyprus and Gibraltar and adding a DAB service for audiences across the UK, intended to cover UK based servicemen, veterans and potential recruits.

    The serviceman abroard will get the BFBS1 service and instead of an alternative with BFBS2, will have the UK DAB service transmitted instead. As they will probably provide a very similar product, I can only assume that this is in effect a reduction in 'choice for the soldier'.

    I can see that having a connection to people at home is a good thing, why at the expense of the soldiers abroard? If in the UK you are in your car and don't want to listen to Radio 1, you have the choice of many others providing news, views or other music. We have BFBS2 and soon we won't even have that. Cost cutting and an attempt for a bigger audience across the UK, but is it at the expese of those who should be getting the service?
  2. But BFBS 2 transferes to 5 Live for the footy! How are we going to get that now?
  3. When you mentioned 'going the same way as PAYD' I thought you meant BFPS were getting binned. That's right folks - you heard it here first.
  4. Probably lose it. They are hardly going to provide that for their UK audience who can after all just tune to 5 Live. I'm going to miss the Today program in the mornings.
  5. You sad gits, BFBS is no great loss, bunch of burbuling egos.
    Get yourself some CDs
  6. If it was just a case of listening to music I would agree with you whole heartedly. In fact, if included in the 30 posts lost are those two dribbling morons off the breakfast program on BFBS1, I'll crack a bottle of bubbly (Or a good Port!). But CDs do not provide news or information. BFBS is there primarily to provide a service to the Armed Forces aboard, not add another DAB station to the numerous already available to the UK audience.
  7. Quite right, I stand corrected. Principal of the station is fine just the
    F ucker nuts that are employed that let it down. Professional DJs my hoop
  8. I will of course, quote you as gospel.
  9. Agreed, the fact that BFBS 2 has the Today program and plays some good music - rather than the dross that's piped through BFBS 1; it's not even good chart music, just the same playlist of shite over and over.
  10. Scrap all the dribblers presenting their own shows and churning out poor copies of BBC 1&2. The Radio 4 feed in morning and evening on BFBS2 is invaluable to keep in touch with the world and UK. They could add more R4 Comedy and current affairs and fill gaps with R5 for sport and more news/current affairs. BFBS should reduce chat and cr@p and play more music. Stop endlessly advertising their own programes - you are not a commercial radio reliant on getting your listening figures up. The schedules are on the net and in the papers, there is no need to compete for the audience.

    The increase in fees to BBC for the longer direct feeds would be compensated for by less salaries. UK BFBS is just an ego-boost for second-rate DJs. If Garrisons need to use the radio to communicate with people then something is seriously wrong in their organisation and chain of command.
  11. What BFBS is really up to is getting ready for Op Borona, pulling everything out of Germany once the ARRC, 1 Sigs Bde, and 102 Log Bde are parked along the M5. Beefing up Garrison Radio in the UK makes better sense than trying to run a full-scale broadcasting for the few troops and families that will be left in Cyprus, Gib, and the Falklands.
  12. Can't say I am shedding too many tears about BFBS being down a few presenters. Shouldn't really affect us, and could even be an improvement. With digital technology nowadays, it's quite possible to broadcast R1-4 and elms of Terrestrial and Sat TV to persons abroad, without worrying about upsetting the locals, apart from the UK expats.

    Having experienced sattelite radio in North America (Sirius), was quite delighted to be driving through the rockies listening to BBC Radio 1.
  13. BFBS already deliver some TV and radio channels to set top boxes in quarters and messes in Germany. When you are out and about in the car, in your office or outside the home environment you are stuck with terrestrial radio. Satellite radio such as in the US is a possible solution, but there are murmurs of Sirius being close to receivership due to lack of advertising revenue. Having never taken off in europe, it would be very expensive to set up, and getting a Sat ready radio will be difficult if not impossible (especially for european cars) as the market for such a small community would be very restrictive. NAAFI might consider selling them, but I would shudder to think of the price.
  14. BFBS is a dam fine station... it has been getting better for years.

    By all means pump it out to the UK audience, but we still need channels abroad. Perhaps the DAB service to overseas will merely be R1 etc pumped on the second channels?

    Charlene Guy would definitly get it, the husky voiced minx.
  15. I agree wholeheartedly

    I remember years ago the old crusties moaning about BFBS 1and me thinking they were grumpy old men

    Fast forward 2 decades and BFBS 1 is not to my taste anymore, however, they still seem to please the younger soldiers so who am I to turn into the moaning crusty 8O 8O

    BFBS 2 would be a big loss to those who have moved on from BFBS 1

    As for BORONA, there will still be a fair few soldiers left in Germany after the HQ’s go for a little while yet