Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BFBS, Apr 17, 2009.

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  1. After a successful three month trial at the start of 2008, BFBS Radio will be back on DAB Digital Radio permanently from 0700 BST on Monday 20th April, connecting Forces, family and friends around the world.

    BFBS :D
  2. Best BFBS is the one in canada.
  3. They all move around, so they get to know what it's like in all British Forces locations, from the Falklands to the sandy places.

    BFBS :D
  4. Meanwhile, BFBS Radio for Grown Ups (BFBS Radio 2) is being effectively dumped so we (in Germany etc) can receive an analogue feed of the DAB broadcast that UK gets. Well thanks for that.... So we are left with a choice of some inane claptrap from some nonentity 'DeeJay' playing noise instead of music or some inane claptrap from some nonentity 'DeeJay' playing noise instead of music. Wonderful! :roll:
  5. Legs, you were one of about 64 listeners to BFBS Radio 2! The price per head was extortionate. We have done what we feel is best for the worldwide Forces community in the face of budget cuts - connectivity to and from the family, friends (and veterans) in the UK to the rest of the Forces' world from the Falklands to Afghanistan.

    The second BFBS Radio station will still have the elements that actually got listened to by more than 64 people - the Today programme, and the sport and current affairs.

  6. Hey! Teacher! Leave those kids alone! :wink:
  7. So no-one thinks it's a good idea that all the UK-based Forces, all the mums and dads and wives and kids and veterans in the UK can stay connected with the rest of the Forces' world?

    On day one, on Monday, we'll be linking up live the Black Watch on ops with their families in Inverness.

    BFBS :(
  8. I must admit, that BFBS 2 in the morning was good as i could listen to the Today programme until i moved to Gutersloh. I even logged online to try, but got an old programme. Even if we can't listen to the Today programme on BFBS 2, can we get it online?

    We can't get it on DII (f) on Radio 4, but could do on BFBS! This then might help those who want to listen to the programme, and reduce costs. Only a thought.
  9. The Today programme, the R4 current affairs, the sport from Five Live is still there! We had to lose The Archers etc because the price per head was more expensive than inviting each listener to an all-expenses-paid trip to Ambridge.
  10. Come on, everyone! You can buy a DAB radio from Tesco for under £20.
  11. Will that enable us to listen to BFBS 2/Radio 4 in BFG?

    I didn't think so.
  12. I think it’s a good idea that you actually provide a service to the serving soldiers around the world instead of listening to the professional whiners who bother with your customer surveys

    Mums dads a and others have many media outlets for their entertainment and 1 broadcast every 10 years to talk to a loved one won’t make much difference, after all they can write, E-bluey, phone or E mail

    Soldiers on Ops, however, sometimes only have one way (unless at KAF :wink: ) of getting news etc from the outside world and that is BFBS radio.

    Based on the fragment above, you decide what’s best (on your limited budget) for the soldier, DAB in UK or balanced current affairs/sport/popular music (cutting out the inane “like the sound of my own voice” BFBS 1 DJ drivel) broadcasting.

    I am sure that regardless of what you hear on here, DAB has been decided on for our benefit and those that have made the decision will justify their choice somehow :roll:

    To summarise (I am probably going on now). Mums, dads, loved ones and veterans probably have more means than ever before to stay in touch with the forces world. I was under the misguided impression that BFBS existed for the serving soldier in remote locations
  13. How much is it all costing?
  14. If the transmission coverage was as large as BFBS1 enjoys you might have found a few more. I cannot get BFBS2 at my quarter in BFG - I can barely get BFBS1.

    How about this: Do as BBC did. BFBS1 likened to the chavtastic BBC Radio 1, and for the mature/adult/more discerning listener, BFBS2 can be likened to BBC Radio 2.

    Folk at home can listen to DAB feeds, or online, or on Sky, or Freeview. Why should we, the people that British FORCES Broadcasting Service was set up to serve, suffer a degradation in service so a few families can have yet another radio station to listen to? We have the choice of BFBS or BFBS. (Internet notwithstanding - DII nor cars etc can carry Internet radio).

    Stop kowtowing to people who neither understand nor care about our needs, and listen to the Service Personnel who should be your only concern.
  15. What I think she was trying to say is that you are a cock.