BFBS Radio 2 Election Special Fri 22nd Apr

Details already posted in "EXERCISING YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE" thread, but also of wider interest. There must be a number of good questions which ARRSE members could send in for the panel.


  • BFBS Radio 2 Election Special

    What’s going to happen to the Armed Forces after the general election? Would you be better off under a Conservative government than Labour? Do the Liberal Democrats stand a real chance of gaining power? Questions, questions… would you like to ask them yourself before deciding where to put your cross?

    If so, you might like to vote for BFBS Radio 2’s Glen Mansell Show. On April 22nd, the show will hear from the three main party leaders. Then Glen and BFBS Defence Editor, Rory Higgins host a round table discussion on the issues that matter directly to you. On the panel: Labour's Defence Spokesmen Adam Ingram, Nicholas Soames for the Conservatives, and the Liberal Democrat's Defence Spokesman Paul Keetch.

    We'd like to hear from you with your questions. Email now to or text - UK 7740 969969 (start message with '2').

    BFBS Radio 2 - Glen Mansell Show, 11am UK time, Fri 22nd April.
Final reminder of this golden opportunity to send in questions by email or text msg for Defence spokesmen from the three main parties.

Be aware I haven't sent in questions myself, so the field is clear for anyone who would like to ask about disenfranchisement of forces personnel or, to put it less controversially, reports that only a small proportion of personnel and their partners are registered to vote.

The more questions on this or any other subject, the more likely that at least one question will be put to the panel.

Of course there are a host of other defence-related issues previously aired on ARRSE which could be the subject of interesting questions. BFBS will be looking mainly for Defence POLICY questions affecting the Forces.

I hope some of our members in BFBS radio reception areas will manage to listen to Fri nt's programme, and maybe let us have feedback afterwards.

BFBS radio can also be accessed on the internet - click "Listen Online" on BFBS webpage, see previous post for link - but BFBS Radio 2 can suffer from limited bandwidth.

You've probably worked this out by now, but AFAIK there are no BFBS transmitters covering anywhere in mainland UK. Where they exist, BFBS transmitters have a limited, localised signal. BFBS consider that they do 'broadcast' in mainland UK, but only by internet. Hope this helps.
BFBS said:
BFBS Radio Election Specials

The three main parties' defence spokesmen slugged it out on the Glen Mansell Show on Friday 22nd April. Defence Minister Adam Ingram, Shadow Defence Secretary Nicholas Soames and Lib Dem Defence Spokesman Paul Keetch responded to BFBS Radio 2 listeners' questions and engaged in a heated debate on issues that affect the Armed Forces ahead of the General Election.

Prior to the debate, the three main party leaders offered a 'soapbox' appeal for your vote.

Missed the programme? Want to hear it again? Click here.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the programme and whether or not it helped you decide who to vote for in the general election. Email or text - UK 7740 969969 (start message '2').
BFBS Source
I haven't had the chance yet to 'listen again' to the BFBS election special using the above internet link, but I am told that it was quite something.

I got this from a service contact:

...interesting discussion between Soames, Keetch and Ingram on a range of issues finishing with service voting. The segment started with vox pop from 7 different service men and women. All complained about not knowing how to vote, and one SNCO said he wished he had known what to tell his men. Both Soames and Keetch were outraged and called it disgraceful. Ingram gave the standard MOD reply, but was interrupted by the BFBS interviewer when he claimed that there had been a BFBS info campaign. The interviewer told him he was mistaken. It was classic stuff. Lord Garden [Lib Dem peer] was mentioned, and according to Soames, Andrew Robathan [Conservative MP in last parliament] has written to the Electoral Commission this month to demand an inquiry...

Would be interesting to hear any more feedback on the programme, once people have had the chance to hear it.
Listened to it just was pretty much as described with a perhaps more obvious 'CGAF' attitude from Mr Ingram. The last 5 mins though saw Ingram and Labour really on the backfoot. I was disappointed with Mr Keetch, I had thought given his performances in the HoC with regard to Servicemen/women that he would have had a little more about him. One eye one the hung Parliament option perhaps :?:

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