BFBS Presenters

After the laugh you have all given me from the Adventures Of Big Wood

I was wondering how many BFBS Radio presenters could be rememberd?

I can remember Nankers the old Horse and Asters. :D Who else is there...
I can remember Baz Reilly when he was with BFBS Berlin. I believe he is now in the Tidworth area.
Katie Boyle on "2 Way Forces Families Favourites" on The Light Programme!
Stephen Bumfrey
Neil Knowles? Never heard of him until I began to get bizarre and threatening e-mails from someone claiming to be him, which seemed to originate from a BFBS server. Don't think it was him, but someone illegally using his login.
Richard Astbury - I was lucky (!???) enough to met him in 1985 when I went to collect some FA Cup Final tickets I had won. He was a twaat....but his wife (G/F?)...mmmm mmmmmm. We met her when we went for a meal after the BFBS Tour. The highlight was the Helipad where the helicopter used to land in the garden (afterthought his wife(G/F?)... is NOT in this picture and I am second from right looking like a right 1980s twaat!!)!

Paul Chapman also did sports show on a sat afternon


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Funny enough I was just listening to Mark Page on the way to work
Geordie bloke who used to have some music show on TV about 94- 95
He's on one of the loacal radios round the North East now
Pat Pashpah BFBS Berlin in the mid 1970s
Baz Reilly was a cock of the first order in both Berlin and the Falklands - ex RAF J/T I seem to remember - oh the shame!
Mark Page defo not a Geordie he was from Teeside. He was at our works xmas function last year......bit full of himself!
Used to live just around the corner from Mark Page - he used Mark Page posters as curtains and his car had his name plastered all over it. Bigger ego than a Harrier pilot.


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mushroom said:
Bigger ego than a Harrier pilot.
Bloody hell that is some ego :D


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Who was the poof (allegedly) that used to do the breakfast show in the late 80's early 90's?

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