BFBS Glen Mansell losing his temper in Germany

There's been a rumour for a while that there was a video of Glen losing his temper with his producer when he was last in Germany -anyone seen it ?
Remarkable first post Glen (oops sorry, baconbutty) With a bit of luck it will prove as popular as Armarillo, crash the MOD servers and launch you (I mean him) onto an International Superstar platform.

Oh, and the video doesn't look like acting at all - :roll:

Edit: See Bad CO's post below - baconbutty is not Glen Mansell. Perhaps baconbutty would like to confirm no relationship with him though....
baconbutty isn't Glen Mansell ..... (unless he's nicked someone elses email address)
Obviously fake. And anyway - why the **** do you think we'd be interested in YOU having a go at a producer? You're not a bloody star, mate, whatever you might think in you're own head. So do us a favour and **** ***.


Is he still alive?

He was quality, him, the late great Tommy Vance and Dave Rodigan.

That's when BFBS was worth listening to. Mind you, the radio had just been invented then!


What the f*ck was a 'BFBS Round Thing'? I remember people phoning in to Nankers and winning them, but never actually found out what one was.

Nankers Old Horse!
I actually have a BFBS Round Thing. Sad I know but I won it and it is mine..

I will put you out of your misery BA.
A round thing is a piece of round plastic with BFBS on the top (mines orange with black text) and the underside is a bottle opener and one of those rubber resealer things. It is about 2 inches across so you can use it as a coaster for the bottle as well.

So are you happier in yourself now that you know?
Think Nankers is on BBC Cumbria now.
What ever happened to 'Me Mark Page' the bonkers 'Boro bastard. I used to enjoy his stints with Postman Patel on Beeffers. Not PC now obviously but funny. His Saturday night music show on SSVC was good an all, did he get the sack for using expletives or summat?

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