BFBS done us

I cant complain about what the wonderful people of BFBS show us, but tonight I must congratulate them on a wonderful choice of movie for Xmas eve.
Dont get me wrong I dont think there is anything wrong with french films. Gee I even liked Leon, but some film in french with english subtitles is a but hard to digest after a few in the afternoon.
The film tonight is called " Amelie" about a french bird..... Would love to tell you the rest of the story but it bored the pants off me and i decided to stick needles into my eyes instead....

Baaa Humbug....... Merry Christmas to alll Arrses.
to be perfectly honest from a civvy point of view...

i think that any bunch of squaddies away from home on tours ought to be supplied with a strong diet of porn!
none of this amelie pish!
give the boys their filth and lots of it :lol:

i know how to keep moral up... give me the job as head of bfb
Whilst i was employed on my duties in Bosnia, in the mid 90's i was also cross trained (NOT cross dressed) to look after the bfbs systems, both Radio and tv. Although i could do nothing about the programmes they sent viewing, i did however manged to do some alteration, so after a certain time red hot dutch would come on.
I remember being in a cook house once hearing some people, saying that they didnt realise BFBS were allowed to show that sort of thing , but they much appreciated it as they could do a lot of strumming.

Give the guys and girls what they want, and they want PORN!!
BFBS 2 is quite ok, I remember being in the sand pit (swing the lamp) and BFBS2 had some programme about lap dancers or strippers most sat lunchtimes..... Bonus, we sat there quite happy watching it as a few little darlings went shopping for undies and practised their highy skillled dance routines.

love it :)
Depends .

this is a true tale...

Returning home from the Falklands on the "Uganda" the Matlots thought it was a great joke to play porn 23.59 hrs a day. it was shiet.

There was a bar deck on the back with one of those old 3 lens 3 colour TV projectors.

Wide screen minge and crotch plowing...

Best thing was nobody was interested, and I mean Nobody... however...

The crew announces they would be showing The Jungle Book with Mowgli and the rest of the animals .I swear on my own head, even on the kids . The Night they played that movie it was standing room only.

Paras , Navy divers, even ACC cooks were there - you name it, we were all there, it was a Fcuking great night.
Did you sing along with the songs though??
DPM said:
And the chrimbo film on BFBS 2 is - Groundhog Day!

They have no shame.
I will swap you - BFBS for TV One (New Zealand). Their best offering for Christmas afternoon was the half a century old London to Brighton car run film 'Genevieve' !!!!

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