BFBS Digital TV in Iraq and Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bad CO, Apr 13, 2006.

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  1. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Those nice people at BFBS have dropped us an email asking us to let you all know that they are setting up digital transmitters in Iraq and Afghanistan. Might be useful if you want to watch the world cup/your favourite soap whilst deployed:

  2. This is available with free shipping from ebuyer this week. £35.76 delivered including an internal antenna.

    Link here
  3. I,ve seen freeview boxes for as little as 14.99 in tescos. Its worth looking there sometimes.

    Regards LT.
  4. I have tried to order this from various suppliers to find no luck ebuyer will not post to a BFPO address overseas or this is what they have emailed me in there epost it note thing also most companies amazon included will charge you VAT and expect YOU to do all the work to reclaim it.
  5. Maybe your local friendly EFI stock them?
  6. I've had kit delivered to BFPO from ebuyer - i phoned them and explained the situation and they posted it no problem. I didnt persue the VAT issue as the price didnt warrant the hassle.

    I think the problem might be that ebuyer generally deliver via courier and not normal post, although they can if you request it. Give them a bell.
  7. amazon are one of the most friendly bfpo companies out there regards vat all you have to do is send them an email quoting your order number and that your are entiteld to vat free goods then they will refund the vat even will back date it if you have the order numbers this is as long as your goods have been shipped to a bfpo vat free qualifying addreess
  8. Edited because I didn't read the post correctly. :-(
  9. i've got 1 of them freecom usb sticks for my laptop

    the supplied aerial is absolute dogshite

    doesent pick up a thing...
  10. Try an Ebay shop. Got a stick coming out having had the same Ebuyer problem.
  11. What USB stick are guys in Shaibah using now, we're heading out in under a month and it'd be good to get the right one before we go.
  12. What is the current state of play with this in Basrah Palace? And more generally what is the welfare set up there?

    Cheers Pato
  13. The Freecom usb model comes with a short aerial giving poor reception in low signal strength areas. With these products signal strength is everything, so make sure you have an aerial with bags of gain. They work very well and have a good epg. Get the one that picks up analogue and digital signals, its worth the extra money.
  14. I'm out on T9 in November and managed to pick up a freecom DVB USB Stick off Ebay for £24.95 delivered.

    I do agree that the miniscule antenna is pants. I used a standard tv top aerial (not-boosted) at work to set the thing up and managed to get all the freeview UK Channels no problems.

    My question is for anyone at Basrah Air Station, when is BFBS planning to broadcast DVB there? They were positioned down in Shaibah Log Base in April when I was last out, are they moving up country or setting up a new transmitter??