Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by hoachin, Feb 25, 2007.

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  1. heard a wee rumour that there is a code you can put into your bfbs box to pick up the sky channels. anyone know of this or is is just another load of bollox dreamt up by someone having a laugh
  2. Be interested to know if its true or not. I thing it must be a wind up though.
  3. if this is true can someone let me know
  4. And me please.
  5. And me please.
  6. Surely it is just a matter of a code.

    The BFBS box is probably used as a Sky box with different firmware.
  7. If this is true I would be very interested in the code....please
  8. not 100% sure but i think bfbs is broadcast on eutelsat, where as SKy is on the astra satellites. So your dish is pointing in the wrong direction for starters.
    Then you would still need a sky card to decode the encryption.

    Would be nice if it worked, im sure the box is capable of receiving the signal but the hassle you would go to to be able to see it would not make it worthwhile

    Edited to add: Just checked the listing for eutelsat and Sky news, sky sports 1 & 2 are broadcast on the same channel as BFBS so there may be some truth in the rumour.
  9. He's right, BFBS is on Eutelsat W3a where BskyB in on a different bird. So yes it's on the wrong look angle to start with.
    However, Vandyke is right about Sky News and Sports being on the BFBS multiplex. They are their because BFBS re bro those channels to entitled audiences, as you may have seen on opps in sandy places.

    So final answer is no their is no code to get Sky on BFBS