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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Delta-Dog, Feb 19, 2011.

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  1. Where can I buy a BFBS Box in Paderborn? How much? How do i get it connected to Sky Sports?
  2. You sign for it with your quarter, and it has Sky Sports on it. Not sure if they are available for commercial sales. Check BFBS website to see if they are
  3. Try this number
    BFBS Helpline during UK office hours on 0044 (0)1494 878100 or Mil (9)529 82100
  4. Sweedish, cheers.
  5. i lasted 48 hrs before i hooked up my sky+ system that i brought over just in case! whatever floats your boat, but round the clock soccer & soaps ain't my cup'o'tea!! Given the huge subsidy from the tax-payer that BFBS is given and associated running costs i still maintain it would have been cheaper to give out a sky system instead of a bespoke BFBS system.
  6. Go to the SSVC shop near the NAAFI Max in Sennelager and they'll give you one for free!
  7. I believe you mean football.

    Agreed, there is far too much sport on BFBS, why do we need to see footy on BFBS1 and 2 at the same time when there are already a couple of dedicated sports channels. Why do they put things like Mary Poppins on 4 when there is a kids channel.
  8. We still have men in Germany?
  9. Most people sign up for Sky, or if they have a Sky box and don't want to pay they can get all the freeview channels. Personally I bought a FreeSat HD+ box in the UK and watch all the freeview channels with BBC and ITV HD. If you can't find something to watch in that lot, no matter what your taste, there's something wrong with you. And you can record 2 x channels while you're out as well.

    As for BFBS, they do provide a service for those without any other choice, but to be honest, if they don't sort themselves out they are very likely to lose what 'captive' audience they have.
  10. You're probably right there, although the Falklands would be stuffed. I don't know if they would actually miss the relentless loops of the same old gash over and over though.
    As for the OP, I'm (pretty) sure BFBS are a user on here, you could try them direct maybe and see if they've got any advice.