BFBS have launched this year’s Big Salute appeal which is raising money for 5 Forces charities – BLESMA, St Dunstan’s, Veterans Aid, Combat Stress and FAB Holidays.

We have lots of auction prizes on ebay which will be ending on 17th May 2011.

A flight with the Blades Formation Aerobatic Display Team

Visit to the Red Arrows

Tickets to Top Gear and a lap of the track with The Stig

Tickets to Soccer AM

VIP Tickets to the Footballer of the Year Awards

….and lots more including signed memorabilia.

So have a look at the Big Salute website now for details of all our charity auction items: AUCTIONS | BFBS Big Salute

Or search on ebay using the word ‘BFBS’.
As you are showing this in ARRSE (the majority of us are currently backing a Forces help organisation that really needs as much help as possible - Holidays 4 Heroes) would it be prudent if we asked if you could very kindly include Holidays 4 Heroes, they do a fantastic job and have been running on the proverbial 'Shoestring' for some time now. Although many of us actively also support most if not all the charities you are helping, you will get a lot more interest from ARRSers if you could include the Forums chosen organisation to help and that is Holidays 4 Heroes...
Thank you for your message.

Holidays 4 Heroes is definitely a very deserving charity. But I'm afraid this year's five Big Salute charities were chosen some time ago and as the appeal has already launched this year we can't alter the charities at this time.

Our auction listings on ebay also include the name of the charities which the appeal is supporting so as much as we would like to help, unfortunately we can't include Holidays 4 Heroes in the appeal at this stage. The charities supported do change annually though so perhaps Holidays 4 Heroes can be included in the future.

Sorry I can't be more help at the moment. I hope that some of your members will still support the auction.

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