BFBS 2 Celle

Does anyone know why BFBS 2 keeps going off air in the Celle
Sorry if this has been dealt with before, I´m been away for some time, and Mrs.ex-g. has been bleating on for some time now.

grateful for any info..


Not knowing Celle, but assuming there are a number of SFA in the area, I would say it is due to BFBS's policy on content.

As BFBS2 tends to show more adult orientated programming, stuff that would shown post-watershed in the UK, it is switched off during periods when younger viewers could be at home.

I know it's a nause but, as a parent, I'm glad they have the balls to do this.

Hope this helps.
No I´m sure it has nothing to do with content and kids.
Transmission goes of for about a minute several times a day, this morning was during "The Arches"
This has been happening for months now, I have e-mailed BFBS but cant get an answer. Someone please tell me what is happning with BFBS...

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