BFAT - Update?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by furry_dude, Jun 13, 2005.

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  1. has anyone got a link to official BFAT info - been a while since doing the course

    help appreciated
  2. BFAT is dead, long live Battlefield Casualty Drills Training BCDT.

    If you haven't done the conversion, you are no longer qualified.
  3. cheers redcap

    that'll get me out of that spam :D
  4. Yep they had to change it once somebody realised that BFAT was suggesting a whole new take on Health awareness. Telling the Troops to BE FAT ! was sending out the wrong messages. Especially refering to the BFAT staff ;) (sorry lads and lass)
  5. HI Furry Dude, Having completed a BCDT Update now all the ITD's have now changed to MATT 1 TO 6 MATT3 being the Battle casualty drills trainer part. You can get bang up to date via your Training Wing and get hold of the new MATT3 Pack full of powerpoint lessons and helpful word docs etc.. Failing that go and give this e-mail a try
    tel mil-9380 65465
    civ- 02392 765465 and ask for Nick Cantrelle (Instructor)

    Hope this helps :lol: Ritchie.
  6. I BFAT - sorry, couldn't resist :lol: