Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Boxy, Feb 4, 2007.

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  1. Whilst being sad this w/e at the wing, I was reading that the BFA(new) comes in an IW & an LSW version.....why? thicker barrel?
  2. Rigth, I reckon......the new BFA has a bullet catcher on it yes ? The LSW has a longer barrel which means greater muzzle velocity because its got more riflings (?)

    Therefore bigger barrel + heftier bullet catcher

    Anyone wishing to test this theory out is quite welcome to join me on my next range weekend :cyclopsani:
  3. Is the LSW BFA larger then?

    Don't know, cos I havn't seen one yet!
  4. looking at the pictures, no, the only difference is that one is marked IW, the other LSW,on the choke.

    Polars' explaination seems credible but WTF do I know.
  5. It might be that firing rounds through an LSW is more detrimental to a BFA than the basic IW, so that the LSW BFA's can be monitored.
  6. I thought that the BFA were now designed to "catch" rounds, perhaps the LSW version is designed to "catch" several rounds rather than an individual round as the LSW is more likely to be firing on auto.

    But that's just a supposition mind
  7. Unless, unbeknown to me they have started issuing different BFAs to the TA than they do to the rest of the Armed Services, this thread should not be on the TA board.

    Take the question to the QMs or Training Wing and I'm sure someone will answer your query. Or msr - can you shift it.

    Oh, and the same applies to that one about goretex waterproofs.
  8. Oh okay then.
  9. Pesumably one should say that while doing a Captain Mainwaring impression?

    Anyway, get out of our bit.
  10. Pesumably so.

    Stupid boy!
  11. What's the muzzle velocity of a BLANK then, Polar?

    I would reckon that since an LSW has a heftier barrel and usually fires more rounds than an IW it needs a BFA that can handle this. Muzzle velocity is not a factor in this, though.
  12. It would if someone put ball through it the bullet catcher could be seroiusly effected by MV, wouldn't it? but the idea of more rounds through it as well makes sense.

    I've also put this on the SASC etc board but no bites yet, which is why it was on here first.
  13. I think its because the flash eliminators are diffrent, ie no boss that accepts the bayont on an LSW.

    I remember doing a course and we had no end of dramas with the LSW`s because they weren,t reloading correctly, and the gasses from the blank were escaping around the BFA.

  14. ******* moron

    The bullet catcher and spacky yellow mag was designed for twats like you who can't tell the difference between ball and blank

  15. Polar - Yes you are correct, the A2 bfa does indeed have a 'bullet catcher'. Designed to prevent the bullet escaping in the event that a live round is fired. LSW bfa is tested to higher standards for the LSW muzzle velocity. Supposed to be able to take 5 live rounds, but i`m not going to test it!! Admittedly this shouldn`t be possible with the blank magazines.

    Kaye - Wait until you understand basic ballistics before you try being a smart arrse!!