BF2 support.. any takers?

This is an off chance really but any Arrsers suddenly experience massive lag spikes with "your connection to the server has been lost" flashing up repeatedly since the latest patch?

Not had any problems before this patch yet now its unplayable....

I have posted this on more appropriate sites but no real answers :(
Yes, it is a commonplace problem, some players experience it - others do not.

I for one am such a misfortunate gamer and there is next to nothing that you can do to stop it; I thought that it was my connection but it seems very random that it's not a mass happening, rather a select few.

I would hazard a guess, that you have 1 gig of RAM installed?!

Advice = bump it up by another gig!

Sorry as that I cannot give a textbook answer on this one!

Hmm seems a b*stard problem doesn't it :(

Not sure how much RAM I have as my brother put my pc together, how can you find out? - scratch that found out - 1gb yes.

Cheers for the attempt anyway!!
Go into start, control panel, system and the wee window which pops up tells you your OS, CPU and amount of ram!
LOL, it is for me as well - make sure you find out what sort of RAM is in your machine and buy the same type otherwise......
Knowing my luck it won't be related to RAM!! Oh well needed something to spend the rest of my camp money on ;)
Do you disable you Anti-Virus when playing? You might want to have a faf about with that. One thing I found was to skip the into movie (that skips about 200Mb of data shunted into ram) and auto log in. Do that By adding to your Command Line the following

C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2\BF2.exe"+restart +playerName your playername +playerPassword your password. All case senstive.

The In game browser is bollox, I use qtracker In a laptop combo geek way. Other pap that will cause problems are nonsense like messingers, Irc anthing that might need the net or run in the background doing flap all. De-frag the Hdisk is a good thing and keep upto date with drivers for Gfx cards ect. Try looking here which is full of stuff and read this about page file it might save you ££££ on ram, keep that for Beer, fags and dirty girls with big norks

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