BF 1943


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Well I've been checking up on this from time to time since I heard about it. I must say it looks really impressive - superior to Cod5 maybe.

According to the limited previews if read/seen it seems a bit more "noob friendly" which Im not sure is a good thing, but we shall see, it seems to me that in attempting to make it more beginner friendly games lose thier replayablity . As long as its more serious than Battlefield heroes I doubt it will be a problem though :p .

At least the servers hopefully wont be dominated by 8 hour a day no lifers who are good to the point of being untouchable.

Points of note include :

USMC vs Japs
Less classes than the old BF games , but more flexible.
Zeroes & Corsairs (i thinks its a corsair anyways)
What looks like banzai charges with samurai swords! (Sadly missing from CoD5)
Destructable scenery (how many times have I heard that though? )

Essentially a revamped cut down of BF1942, anyways , check out the trailer/website :


Looks promising. What do you recon? :D

PS: Is that map the infamous wake island?


I reckon CoD 4 is better than CoD 5 :D

The game looks good.

They had destroyable scenery in the last BattleField, and it worked well


War Hero
PrinceAlbert said:
I reckon CoD 4 is better than CoD 5 :D

The came looks good.

They had destoyable scenery in the the BattleField, and it worked well

Been in the ladies thread lately? Bit freudian :D

Personally I think the CoD series went downhill after UO, but thats for another thread :wink: