Builds Bf 109 G-6 1/32 scale Revell


Help me out here: as I remember it from my spotty spacey days a staffel is equivalent to a squadron, a gruppe is equivalent to a flight and a geschwader is equivalent to a wing, right...?
A Staffel is sort of an equivalent to a squadron, normally 9-12 airframes, Geschwader is sort of an equivalent to a wing, but tended to be a bit smaller than ours or the yanks, they had about 90 to 120 aircraft, the Gruppen tended to be made up of 3 Staffeln, around 30 to 40 aircraft in total - the numbers could be flexible due to losses and roles and sits between the other two
German units would tend to be kept operational until they reached a critical mass of four aircraft per Staffel, at which point they'd be merged with other Staffeln to field a full squadron. In the East, they tended to operate on a fairly hard routine and moving airfields at short notice was regarded as normal jogging, much more akin to Russian air force operations than a Western style life.
the plane almost complete, on it's plain black base, the base just needs to show style rather than information, everyone knows a 109 when they see one, just the High Gain Antenna to fit, when the glass case is ready to protect such a fine part.
black base a.jpg

black base b.jpg

black base cjpg.jpg

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