Beyond the pale.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Awol, Nov 10, 2009.

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  1. Depends what mood I'm in but normally anything's fair game within reason. Have to admit I've only once seen my arse and that was involving a Soham joke.
  2. If I'm perfectly honest I don't think I have a 'line' I either think something is funny or I don't. I might crack up at something others would find wrong and vice versa, there's no hard or fast rule to say 'This is wrong, that is right'. To that end if I find something funny, I will laugh, if I find something unfunny I will leap aboard the outrage bus and ensure everyone knows my opinion whilst berating the offender!! :x :x ................Either that or I just ignore it and leave that sort of boring sh*te to others :roll:
  3. Not sure I have one! Even if someone tells a joke that goes WAY too far, I usually end up sniggering just at the outrageousness of it.As a mum, kiddy-fiddling jokes tend not to go down too well, but some of them are quite funny. Its the ones that pop up immediately following an incident i.e Kings Cross or Maddy that I tend to wince at initially but then end up chuckling to, just because the minds that think them up straight off the cuff are so bloody fast...
  4. As all of this isnt real then pretty much anything, not a great fan of anything that ventures near deceased soldiers but as its rarer than a rare thing it barely registers. I do however rise, sometimes excessively to lip wobbling bore merchants with the service history of a canal lock operator who dive head first into the most trivial of smites using the following as weight to underpin their point, 1, dead colleagues, 2, injured colleagues, and 3, those with PTSD, my uncontrollable reactions to instances such as these may give the impression that nothing is out of my personal bounds.
  5. Must admit .... it made me smile
  6. I think Reni's comment is pretty much spot on (said cringing from appearing like an arrse-licker). There's even a massive hint on the title of the forum "if you are easily offended etc..." And yet some still stumble in and get 'outraged' and 'offended'.
    It's like the old 'Wet Paint' sign...

  7. My Bold.
    See,thats funny.Purely because it was unintended and quite topical.
    Also,there are not many places now where gallows humour is tolerated.The Maddy thread was a good example.In amongst it were some gems.