Beyond Scared Straight

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by WolvoExPunk, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. Beyond Scared Straight - Episodes, Video & Schedule -

    Anybody seen this docu series? About various bunches of American scrotes taken on a day trip to a proper working jail to meet proper hard men and women. They've never been locked up yet, but are often heading that way, hanging with the wrong crowd. Young, dumb and full of cum, their attitudes soon get adjusted when they are beasted by the screws and cons, or when Bubba pushes them against a wall and tells them "You gonna be my bitch, boy!"

    It's a shame the UK doens't run similar programmes. I daresay Charlie Brosnon, Kenny Noye etc would have a field day.
  2. Yes, I watch it and think it's a brilliant idea. As far as doing it over here is concerned, once the little darlings see the quality of the lifestyle inside, the audio visual equipment, the education available, Playstations etc etc.........they'd be ******* queing to get in !!!!
  3. Load of bollocks, heard it a thousand times. I've been inside Pentonville and it's shit.
  4. We can always offshore them to cheaper parts of the world. Khazakstan, Belize, Congo, Sierra Leone, Peru.
  5. We tried that and finished up with Australia and the Caribbeans.
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  6. Unfortunately someone rather close to me can comfortably comment without an axe to grind that Bronson is a shit house who chose his targets carefully, mad enough for a tear up but apparently a joke in the upper echelons of those in clink.
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  7. That's the point though, these are children who sign up to be bullied.
  8. We do and have done for years.
  9. Whilst I agree that anything provided to give the yoof of today a good hard kick in the bollocks or front botttom to deter them from being parasitic, benefit grabbing, anti social fuckwits is a winner, I do wonder at the reliability of these programmes. Anything that is shown on TV that is a "reality" programme is usually anything but. Despite the fact that me seeing Timmy getting a "grown up" kicking from a lifer would be excellent televisual viewing, the producers would shit themselves from the ensuing court case. Shame really...
  10. Agreed..our nicks are populated with wannabee gangsta's and sad, ******, junkies lurching from methadone fix to methadone fix whilst taking care to avoid the showers, smelly loser bastards. The few real hard bastards live a separate life inside, socialising mainly with dopey psychoanalyst tarts with rape fantasy's, and syncophatic screws in need of a haircut and some shoe polish.
  11. If the UK ran similar shows it would have no impact.

    Wullie The Prisoner: "Aye, it's brilliant in here, man. We sit and watch the telly for about six hours. Get a wander around, a shot at the pool table, see what folk have been up tae. Dead chilled oot, man. The beds are comfy an 'awl."

    Scrote: "Really? So it's not that bad?"

    Wullie The Prisoner: "Naw, I've been in an' oot four times now. Always goes by like a holiday. Here, can you tap me a fag, pal?"
  12. You have read "McAuslan" and I claim my £5, Wullie was happy 'cos McGarry hadn't joined the prison service.
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  13. Good programme, up there with the 'Catch a Predator' one.
    I know the general consensus is that doing time in the UK is a doddle, TVs, game consoles ect but you have to weigh it up. Isolation, constant threat of varying forms of conflict, limited visits, the risk of being shipped out, sub standard support/supervision from Prison Officers ect, if I worked in the Prison Service or any of the privatised nicks I'd rather have your token low category offenders making waste paper bins for a few quid a week then sitting in front of the TV behind their door at night than having them going crackers after protracted lock ups and a bare cell to fester in.

    But then again the thought of Ian Huntley getting porky on good grub and settling in for an afternoon session on the Playstation sort of negates that, suppose its where you choose to draw the line, one rule for one and all that..!
  14. They should all be hammered and made to pay.....prison needs to be a nightmare for those inside, being bored should not be an option.