Beyond comprehension - Courting insanity.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Nov 13, 2006.

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  1. Fresh Iraq violence claims 135 lives

    It's just insane. still, at least the Police got to the scene of the crimes just quick enough to count the bodies. C****.

    More articles extolling the virtues of the Iraqi old Bill here
  2. Say 200 a day on average. That works out at over 60000 a year.

    Wonder what Saddam's weekly body count was?
  3. No worse than a bad day in pre-guiliani New York.
  4. The worrying thing is the scale of the killings. 135 in Baquba alone on one weekend.

    Just think what sort of infrastructure is needed to carry out such a large operation. It's not as if that sort of number of tooled up individuals could stay under the radar for very long, so how can they continue to get away with it?

    There is more to this than meets the eye...
  5. By putting on Police uniform and driving round in Police cars?

    Oh that's all right then.

  6. Ok, but who's giving them access to the gear? Someone on the inside must be helping them, or at least turning a blind eye to their activities. :?

    If it continues, people will lose all trust in the police service and arm themselves a la vigilante. Could lead to some real nasty 'incidents'.
  7. The BBC was reporting last night that some 100,000 people flee Iraq every month.

    It strikes me that many recent deaths, particularly in light of numbers, are starting to resemble genocide on the part of Sunni and Shia factions.
  8. No Agent Smith, I am saying there are Police Officers and members of the security services involved, either directly , or allowing this to happen.
  9. I would imagine a number of them are issued with it...
  10. That's what i was tyrying to say.

    For attrocities of this size to happen regularly, there has to be some form of instituionalised corruption allowing it to happen. Again, it links back to the distrust of the police (see Brits rescue two SAS men from basrah jail).
  11. There was a documentary on tv about this last week. In the rush to get as many Iraqis into uniform as quickly as possible following the disbandment of the old Ba'athist army/police, militiamen were recruited wholesale with hardly any vetting. The way the Iraqi 'government' is 'organised' is that each faction tends to get its own ministry, with its own private army. So for example the Badr Brigades get the 'Housing' Ministry, which gets them access to oil/aid money and the Infrastructute Protection Force (or whatever it's called), which is now composed mainly of Badr militiamen.
  12. The militia seem to be increasing in their audacity...

  13. The situation is now beyond the serious end of the ethnic cleansing scale, whole areas are being cleansed of Sunni or Shia. There is no central control, the police are often just extensions of strong-arm 'warlords' and often are the people committing these crimes. I cant see an end to it, is there a solution?

    Only when everybody has left or is dead (an opposing area), will they stop killing them...

    Alternatively we could put a dictator in control, and give him a free hand in ruling the place with a rod of iron.....

  14. Ratcatcher, supremely ironic and true at the same time. This war has led to a strategic and human disaster in the region. You forgot to add that Iran and Syria will end up being the beneficiaries after the West has inadvertently fought a war costing billions on their (mainly Iranian) behalf. A staggeringly inept decision, the axis of evil must be laughing over their cornflakes. You really could not make it up. They are now being courted by our very own Prime Minister, cap in hand.

    Intelligence services? Maybe they should be renamed, anyone have any ideas?

    Supply of oil in the fuure, oh that is largely under control of (a nuclear?)Iran, err, we didn't really intend that.....
  15. Well what do you know.....

    Freed by Police? Well let's face it, they knew where they were because they'd lifted them in the first place.