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Discussion in 'Officers' started by MadeUpName, Sep 17, 2009.

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  1. I'm trying to get a better sense of an army officer's career. I hope to be one someday and I was pretty much sold on the idea of being a platoon commander gallantly leading his grizzled band of warriors into battle. However, I appreciate that relatively little time is actually spent in that role before officers move on. As the next level of unit up is a company/squadron and commanded by a major I'm a little ignorant as to where the senior lieutenants, captains or even the non OC majors end up.

    I've heard roles like Ops, Int and Adjutant bandied about but I'm not entirely sure what they do specifically, what else is out there or how exactly they fit into an officer's career. So any information then on an officer's life after their platoon/troop commanding stint would be appreciated as would perspectives on what jobs are exciting, dull, sought after, unrewarding, etc. I ask as a curious infantry/RAC aspirant but feel free to chuck in responses from other arms as I'm open to suggestions.
  2. No body else knows either.
  3. Good question MadeUpName. I have the same query, and when I asked I was told that it depends on your status as a graduate or non-grad. Within 2-3 years, i.e. after your first appointment, graduates are promoted to Captain, so administrative/planning roles are to be expected until promotion (if one gets that far) to Major, a rank at which another command appointment may be gained. If you are a non-grad you may be given another appointment as a Platoon Commander, perhaps training recruits.

    I'm a mere wannabe so open to correction on this.
  4. Are Captain's generally not 2iC's of companys? As well as Adjutants?

    What Lieutenant's actually do after promotion from 2Lt puzzles me however.
  5. The same stuff - a teeny bit better. :D
  6. Give Adjt's heart attacks...
  7. Im not a Commisioned Officer but i am a serving SNCO so i will give you my view. 2 Years as a Platoon Commander, then normally Company 2i/c, After this you will tend to find this is where you will branch out. The cream of the crop (in my battalion anyway) will normally become OC Recce Platoon for 2 years then Adjutant. If you get a re-show as Coy 2i/c i dont think you have done to well.

    Other jobs for Capt's are Signals Officer, OC Mortars, OC Anti-Tanks, Int Officer etc
  8. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Ah but the real question is quite what does a coy 2ic actually do...?!
  9. And get punched by them.
    Extras anybody?
  10. Put up hessian in places it's not wanted if yours is anything to go by BBear...

    Edited to add: Actually I think that was the Regtl 2ic ...mong features on my part there..
  11. To my naive civilian mind I thought a Coy 2i/c would be only marginally less senior and inexperienced than the Coy OC, i.e. the ablest and most experienced Captain. That way if a sunray down scenario occurs they would be best choice to takeover the reigns and you wouldn't have a relatively junior captain ordering senior captains around. I also (presumably wrongly) thought that the step up from commanding a platoon to being Coy 2i/c would have be greater than the step up from a rifle platoon to commanding a specialist platoon.
  12. Company 2IC's generally spend vast amounts of time filling in paperwork, staring at radios at two o'clock in the morning, and wondering why the hell they joined the army.

    The ones who can survive this process are gazetted Major, and given a company to play with.
  13. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    theprior not a scooby about what you're on about! Punching clouds...

    We all know the secret to success in the army, look busy and carry a clipboard!
  14. No when it all goes into the air conditioning and the OC cops it, the bloke who best understands the plan gets to finish the game - i.e. the FOO!
  15. That is until the 2IC of the armoured sqn gets to the FOO, conducts a handover, and then the man with the armoured experience and sense of direction takes over...