Beyonce to headline at Glastonbury???

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Giancarlo_Badass, Feb 11, 2011.

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  1. I thought Glastonbury was all about rock & roll? Don't see what's rock & rolling about this gurner other than well presented thighs and buttocks with a hint of exposed decollatage up top!

    BBC News - Beyonce to headline Glastonbury
  2. Oh god, it is all going wrong. Next, 'Tinie Tempah' will be classed as rock..
  3. Even Guilfest looks better this year with Razorlight and James Blunt..............Pity though as I will be in Ibiza living it large innit.
  4. Who is Beyonce??????????????

    Whatever happened to those nice Beverley Sisters? 8)
  5. Mmmm... sisters..

  6. mmmm .... threesome ....!
  7. I think she may have been Foxy Cleopatra in Austin Powers. I didnt know the bint sang.
  8. Shame. I'm very close friends with the person that provides all the beer/staff etc for booze here we come!!
  9. That's what happens when you let non-swimmers out of the cotton fields........
  10. You may know a friend of mine who does "front of house" for the long bar?
  11. Sunday night has become the 'alternative artist(s) night', usually reserved for the maturer festival goer. Nice to see Beyonce is regarded in that vain.
  12. Won't you be at Bingo?
  13. Glastonbury hasn't been about rock'n'roll for decades. It's a so-called music festival for those who don't have a clue about music. Attended by sheep, wannabes and journalists, beardie wierdies, middle class Jocastas and Percys who think they're living on the edge in their fur-lined pink wellies, sleeping in a heated teepee, buying weed and 'rocking out' to shiite by over-hyped Radio 1 darlings. It's utter pish. The people who think Glastonbury is rock are the same people who think that Lady Gaga is edgy, Kylie is the 'princess of pop', Madonna is the 'queen of pop', Diana was our 'queen of hearts', care about Cheryl Cole's media career and pretend to like rap so they can feel 'urban'. Fcuking sheep. Go to a real festival like Sonisphere or Download.
  14. You're so predictable Jarrod.

    Bingo's not my thing but perhaps you should make it yours. Might give you a new look on life. Anyone who has your puerile, dull outlook on life needs a hobby outside the internet.

    Alternatively you could get laid more often, it might channel some of those frustrations you're storing up.

    As a last resort I hear counsellors will tackle anyone with issues, even yours.
  15. I think you'll find he's classed as 'Short-Arsed Nigger'