Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Forces_Sweetheart, Nov 22, 2004.

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  1. ... the roadworks on the A303 just before/after Winterbourne Stoke. I got snapped there earlier this year by a concealed camera and picked up 6 penalty points, a £350 fine and a nice set of photos of my car.

    Well, the roadworks are back again and there are two cameras (now visible) on each side and the limit is 40 (even if there is no other traffic around and no one actually working on the road....).
  2. they do it all the time all over the Country , the M6 thelwall viaduct has SPECs camera measuring your average speed over a distance , beware!.

    commiseration on your fine and points FS thats your xmas money fcuked
  3. Much appreciated, i'll be passing there on friday night. I would probably have done so at around a ton. Thanks mate,

  4. After Damsgardfjelletunnelen leaving Bergen heading to Fylingsdalen theres a camera just after the roundabout its a 50kmh area, be aware people. :wink: :D
  5. They are popping up all over Northants too, secret is to speed like feck for 3/4 of a mile then stop and wait before you reach the next camera so your speed averages out!
  6. Has it caught Santa on his sled yet?

    Or even better a Lapp/Sami out of his head on that loopy stuff they take?
  7. msr

    msr LE

    No sympathy. If you can't read road signs, then you shouldn't be driving :evil:

  8. A13 Den Haag to Rotterdam - 80km/h limit now in places (50mph on a motorway - phuleeeease!), and it's got those nasty number plate reading time-between-two-points thingymajiggies. At night you can see the purple flashes on the other carriageway detecting the ganja smoke coming out your car windows :twisted: oh, wait, reading your number plate...
  9. Has anybody noticed that peoples driving actually gets worse in one of those "average speed" traps? While trying to keep on eye on the speedo you miss a hell of a lot.
  10. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    Oh, come on! Surely you wouldn't want something as petty as "road safety" get in the way of raising "vehicle constabulary tax" with the use of "safety cameras"? :twisted:
  11. Serves you right!!!

    Must have been thrapping it to pick up that reward.
  12. If they want to catch anyone speeding on the Thelwell Viaduct they beter reduce the speed limit to 10mph!! :wink:
  13. In Melbourne, Australia a whole freeway (motorway)'s worth of fixed speed cameras were found to be faulty resulting in million of refunded fines and a lot of up-coming court action where people lost jobs because of lost licences. The really interesting thing is that road deaths have dropped considerably in the time the cameras have been switched off but state revenue is seriously out of pocket. Remind me, what was the aim?
  14. Not looking for sympathy and not proud of my driving record. Merely wanted to alert people to the restrictions.
  15. i dont drive slowly just to keep within the law (which is an ass) i deliberatly drive slowly in front of speed cameras in order to deprive the Govt of my £60 ! everybody should do it in order to deprivethe govt of millions of pounds of exhortion money :twisted: