Beware Trinity home and kit insurance

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by thumper563, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. Got home and kit insurance all as one bundle from a company called Trinity went I first went to Germany.

    Recommended to me by good old O'Girkes and they claim to tailor make this insurance policy for the armmed forces. All seemed good until I got a letter from them today stating that as all my kit was blown up in Iraq it was not covered as this is an act of war.

    Having checked the smallprint I does indeed say that I'm not covered but i cannot belive that an insurance policy that is supposedly designed for the forces doesn't cover my kit on operations.

    My own fault really but when I read the bit that said it was covered anywhere in the world I wrongly assumed I was covered.
  2. Have you tried taking it up with O.Girke, on the grounds that they mis-sold you this cover? I appreciate that they are a German company.
  3. Even though an agent was involved the insurance company holds ultimate responsibility for their product and it’s marketing - they will have a review process that you can utilise and should be able to provide you with details of all your statutory rights.

    However, I'm not involved in this type of scheme but have been told that if your personal equipment has been destroyed by enemy action then the MOD may be claimed against. Your unit admin office may be able to help you here.