Beware: the new goths are coming

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Jun 11, 2006.

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  1. We're all doomed!
  2. Indeed we are.

    Or in the style of the article.

    We COULD be doomed.
  3. It's already started they are currently playing at being Vikings in the Canary islands at the moment
  4. shoot them on the beaches, arm the tourists for pot shots , they will soon stop coming.

    on a serious note, perhap a moratorium on immigration and asylum for 10 years should be put inplace,in defiance of the EU if neccessary to protect out national interests, allowing us to accept skilled polish workers and other eastern european skilled workers who want to work here and pay UK taxes while sending money back to their home country , then they go back home and a new wave come over in their place doing the same , which would mean we can sustain an ageing population and benefit system.
    some will probably want to stop on, fair enough if they have the skills and is culturally similar to us, i.e. western looking outlook and supportive of western inspired democracy.

    one golden rule, NO PASSPORT = NO ENTRY
  5. That's what the wife said to me last night.
  6. Chavs...the new onslaught!
  7. I don't entirely agree with the Admiral's comments - but his comments have been grossly misrepresented by sections of 'the meedja' this morning.

    Mind you, good to see that DCDC can keep a name going for at least a month - good work fellas! :)
  8. Back in the 70's my parents emigrated to Canada. In order to get in you had to have a skill that was on their list of required trades/professions. If you didn't have any, then the only way you would come in in would be if you were a spouse or dependant of someone who did. Why don't we do that here? We can't afford to keep our current citizens on benefits (OAPs or layabouts) so why should we take anyone who isn't going to contribute to our society. And yes, we should raise the bar higher for potential immigrants because we only want the best.
  9. Most civilized countries have a points system for immigration even Australia. There are certain trades/professions that are deemed 'hot' at the time and while I managed to get enough points for Canada, I failed to get enough for New Zealand as I wasn't a hairdresser or an electrical engineer. Somebody said it was something to do with sheep but as far as I know, sheep are really crap at electrics.

    I agree the goalposts should be moved at regular intervals and strangely the most important factor is still a huge wad of dosh. Already tried and tested when Hongkers was handed back.
  10. I emmigrated to the United States Nine years ago. (Like about Nine Million others who live abroad now).

    I have tried to CONFORM to the nation in which I CHOSE to live. I am not out to "Make the World England". It was and Most ceratinly is my view that the old saying "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" got o be an old saying for a reason.

    No nation can fail to benifit from the influx of workers that can add to the economic future of their adopted hoime, WHILST conforming to the society in which they live.
    I know that if I have a real issue with the United States, I can get on a Plane and solve the problem very rapidly. Those that go to other coutries (Namely Britain" should be left with no illusions on that score.
    I seek to make my Children PROUD of being Americans, they are not Brit's with Spam accents.

    So essentially it is my view, based on a tad of personal experience, that the Immigrant should conform to the host nation. NEVER Vica Versa.

    Rant over.
    Carry on!
  11. Ooh how very Millenarian, no doubt the EU is the agent of the anti-Christ himself :twisted:
  12. And there I was thinking that Kevin Costner's Waterworld was a load of old cack when, in fact, it was a spookily accurate prediction of a future piratical dystopia.

    Kev, I apologise and indeed salute you.
  13. Why are you including OAPS with layabouts I've never been a layabout in my life and I don't intend to start now Lots of OAPS pay tax if they have an occupational pension and state pension the state pension is subtracted from their personal allowance and there you are taxed having paid in to both systems I also continue to work so I'm unhappily subsidising the citizens who have never or will never work.+Asylum seekers
  14. Well said Margaret.