Beware the coming Police state - the author of Squaddie.

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Squaddie-Author, Jan 26, 2007.

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    Chaos and confusion, fear and panic, both real and imaginary terrorist atrocities, and a divided population kept in a state of perpetual ‘high alert’ – these are the tools with which our enemy will divide us. Racial and religious intolerance spreading like ripples in a pond, a sense of ‘battening down the hatches’ as in WW2, communities gating themselves off and becoming isolated, paranoid and distrustful of one another – neighbour turning against neighbour.

    The enemy will deliberately try and create an atmosphere similar to that of 1930s Germany – but this time round it will use a more subtle language and attempt to cloak its true fascist and totalitarian intentions.

    The enemy will feign the language of peace and reconciliation, innocence and transparence – but it will make war and spread fear both at home and abroad. We must never forget who our enemy is and what its true intentions are, or how they detest our right to free speech, democracy and dissent. We must oppose its deceptions and duplicities in a vigorous and assertive fashion.

    Our enemy is the Labour government and its corrupt and deceptive acolytes. Whilst Tony Blair suns himself on a millionaires yaught, whilst Gordon Brown plots and seethes darkly about his own path to power, whilst Tessa Jowell counts the profits from her two mortgages, and whilst John Prescott cruises the streets of London in his luxurious Jaguar limousine - the Middle East is going up in flames and British soldiers are being blown up in the hellholes of Iraq and Afghanistan, where everyday is a 7/7.

    We are witnessing the first seedlings and dawning of a new political age that will be viewed with increasing cynicism, anger, disenchantment and discontent. My prediction for the 21st century is this: a bloody confrontation between the individual and the coming police state, and the possible rise to power of a new Hitler – either at home or abroad.

    Steven McLaughlin
    Former Royal Green Jackets Rifleman
    Member of the Society of Authors

    Author of Squaddie – a soldier’s story
    Mainstream Publishing.
  2. How does my tin-foil hat look? Have I shaped it correctly?

    I believe you give the Government too much credit.
  3. For an author you cannot spell, yacht not yaught.
  4. i was genuinely considering buying Squaddie until i read that!
  5. Yes, yes, but don't get in a tiz about it.

    ("...millionaires yaught" should be "BeeGee's willy", shurely).
  6. If we get a new hitler, does that mean silly taches will be back in fashion?
  7. From the pages of Amazon;

  8. No Adolf and his mob were evil and COMPETANT , this mob inc Bush and Cheney etc are nasty but seriously INCOMPETANT, more of your low rent Mussolini or Franco only without the ability or love of uniforms.
  9. Damn so no natty uniforms then, more matalan-ss uniforms, something like devil has best tunes so does he have the uniforms.
  10. Goose Stepping,Jack Boot's,and Leather,mmm...