Beware the chat :)

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Jack06, Sep 7, 2006.

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  1. hi all
    beware the NAFFI bar chat...
    it's nothing compared to the army bar relation...
    didn't swear once, and got banned for showing affection to the beautiful moodybitch, seems the mods don't after all hold the power, rather more of a popularity contest, and the 'queens' hold the power over the mods, best stick to the normal NAFFI's where you can have a good old banter and argument :D
    cheers all
    and beware!!!
  2. you got banned for being a complete c0ck, dullard, and child.

    SC ;-)
  3. interesting you say that, care to enlighten the arrse forum users exactly what I said which offended, was completely dull that warranted me being banned :)
  4. That is life !

    We all think we rule the roost, when really it is the "doris" who wears the trousers. Until I have a rib or two removed and I can give myself head, that is how it stays for me and I will bet, the same for the majority of geezars.
  5. ROFL.

    Jack, might I suggest to read a dictionary.

  6. hi do
    yer def mate, but thats in real life, obviously the net standars have to be lower, because of the fact people, feel they can say what they want over the net, as it is anonymous. I certainly feel that way, but not to the point of abusing people with constant swearing or slander (especially directed from another civvie) on a military site. Then getting banned for, what?
    Not swearing to the ARRSE's content, I apologise and next time i'm in ill be sure to give it a proper go!

    Ahhh ski,
    what did I spell wrong or misinterpret this time mate?
  7. Dullard.
  8. you seem to have proved your worth ski :)
    never in that chat have I said that word, surely you can make up something else to use up bandwidth then a one worded, miscellaneous post like that?!
  9. It's simple

    I offered to nosh the MOD's in return for your forced exit.

    Now get back to bed, you've got school in the morning.

    PS - You spelt NAAFI wrong you tool.
  10. oh moody, although i do think think the mod's are easily swayed (much to easily in my opinion, of people who hold such authority) not that easily I would have hoped, well not by your online persona, anyways
  11. You underestimate the power of a great nosh
  12. J_D

    J_D LE

    Hang on, wasn't I dubbed for supporting slave labour by your idiotic self?

    Moody, fancy a nice gucci bag, 15 philipino kids slaved 4 days and nights to make it just for you!
  13. maybe so anya..
    But compared to the amount of slander and downright waterfall of swearing that has been directed at me, with not even a blink from the Moderators, namely hitler and occasionally Partimepongo, and mereminx (although not sure of her authority at this time) my 'slave labour' comment should easily be overlooked. Is it nooo course not, why, I don't know perhaps your special :)
  14. J_D

    J_D LE

    Well then you may wish to enter chat with one personality and not the multiple ones you fail to leave aside. Aiming attacks at people for no good reason and attempting to place others on ignore, doesn't really help your case.

    Logical thinking wouldn't go amiss here :wink:
  15. hi anya
    although you have 'jumped on the bandwagon late' I will try and explain your grievances..
    First of all I did have 2 other personalities (none of which you or the other chatroom regulars accused me of having) and the reason being, to try and find out why I was banned, what I did that warranted such an extreme measure.
    Aiming attacks at people for no reason, right if you cast your mind back to when your first met me, you walked in halfway through the countless *scuffles* in the chatroom that I have been involved in, see where i'm getting at? I didn't really stand a chance, you just saw me having a go at these 'innocent' chatters in there for a good night of chat and automatically put me on the bad list.
    hope this has answered your questions...
    p.s regarding the ignore, after countless people in chat placed me on ignore, I decided to do the same...I don't just place people on ignore for the fun of it!