Beware the Apple

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RCSignals, Jan 26, 2005.

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  1. big brother is watching!

  2. Nice to see a proportionate response!!!

    Whilst there may be some genuine 'not in control' issues this really is overkill.

    Note to self: Stop eating apples whilst driving (something I do quite frequently!!).
  3. The only thing to add to this is that it's probably a good thing she didn't scratch her ear with a table leg during the pursuit, otherwise half the population of Scotland would still be picking bits of her out of their hair.
  4. This whole idea smacks of easy target again. It's too difficult to actually investigate real crimes so they clobber somebody for something stupid not to mention it adds to the targets and the Forces coffers with a nice fixed-penalty ticket.

    I'd say that eating an apple was not dangerous. If it is then we need to design new cars to have automatic gearboxes, do away with radios and have some sort of sensors to kill the engine if you take your hands off the wheel. While we're at it, build in HUDs, criminalise overtaking and eliminate multilane roads so that you don't have to take your eyes off the road in front to check your mirrors!
  5. the only reason that they are doing this is becuase she had the balls to stand up and say that the police were wrong!

    Now they can't be proven wrong, can they? that would just throw the world upside down if the rozzers were shown to be WRONG for once in their lives.

    Big man picking on small woman for easy target.Sick :evil:
  6. Two thoughts. First was, at the time they stopped her, they thought she was using a phone. Nasty cynical old me thinks that the "apple" thing might have been her excuse....

    "Phone? Me? Never, officer, it was an apple, honest....."

    ...without realising that it still left her in the poo.

    "Apple it may be, you're still displaying undue attention".

    The second thing is that they didn't stop her until she turned a corner. Which means that she changed down a gear while, errr, "eating her apple". So, it wasn't the driving bit, it was the "doing something complicated" bit. Yes, we've all eaten or drank from a can, but we generally put them down before we try to turn a corner.

    Call me a bluff old traditionalist, but driving a ton of metal at 20 or 30 mph in a built-up area, with at most one, and at worst neither, hand on the steering wheel? Potentially lethal.

    Given the number of tossers I see driving around with mobile clamped to ear, I'm all for it. Prosecute more of the, er, "apple eaters".

  7. At £10k a punt?
  8. I regularly drive with one hand on the wheel and the other ready to hold it, change gear, etc. I am comfortable with the positon I use and don't consider it any more dangerous than any other. I still feel that the money used to prosecute this woman was not in the public interest. I'm aware of the issue of mobile phones and agree that they're dangerous (I don't even own one as I don't like the idea of brain tumours nor being hounded by the question 'where are you?'). This was just petty minded officialdom gone mad.
  9. I regularly drive using only 1 hand and one foot... but then I drive an automatic with power steering........
  10. I got a speeding ticket for doing 90mph on an empty motorway at 6 in the morning.

    it was for my own safety apparently

    never mind the fact that the copper must have been doing 110 minimum to have caught up with me ( I was miles past the last junction and before I knew it he was in my mirror)

    turned out he was an ex tankie aswell. did he cut a fellow soldier some slack? did he ****
  11. Those folks driving with cell phones and apples ARE dangerous.

    At least I have a screw sticking out of the dash to hang my CB Mic onto.
    And tossing the beer cans back into my pickup bed IS easier if my left hand is free...I hate to see them bouncing on the road.
    (Ya see I'm a 'good ole boy' and NOT a 'redneck')
    Besides...I can't shoot straight driving with my knee on the wheel anymore as the old truck pulls to the right with the firestones getting slick and all...well I'm still good shooting 'lefty' with my handguns...but aiming my rifles dead-on IS tough...that's why I'm switching to my 12-gauge shot-guns. The bigger pattern allows for 'drift' errors.

    Somebody really ought to do something about cell phones and apples though.

  12. She went round the corner with one hand on the steering wheel she got caught she got a fine . Tough the rest is just bluster .
  13. The silly girl should have smoked a cigarette instead :?

    Surely you can put half your hand on the wheel whilst holding an apple, and move the gear stick... just as you can do it with a cigarette, and I don't see anyone being stopped for smoking yet.

    Should smoking in cars be illegal!?!
  14. Easier to hold a fag in your mouth and free both hands than an apple, and you can hold it there for longer.

    She should have just paid the 30 spots. She wound up paying 160 (I think, can't be bothered going back to read it). Granted they may have been a bit over the top, but it's only 30 quid and it's their call. I don't think the bobbies did anything wrong, just their job, she should have just shut up and paid. The problem is folk who think they know best, not the police being over keen.
  15. Being a reformed smoker an' all....I can safely say that you can't see for long if hanging a bifta out of your gob once the smoke starts drifting into your eyes. An apple however just gives you jaw-ache after a while of holding it in your teeth.

    It was a £60 fine I believe, but the issue was the resources that were wasted just taking it to court. The Helicopter tasking (of course it just happened to be in the area so the CPS asked for an aerial photo to illustrate the dangerous bends that the nursery nurse would have had to negotiate while holding an apple) was quite obscene. This is a prime example of the police (and not all are like this...I know having had my MOD90 "accidentally" falling out of my driving licence wallet when stopped once) not having the intellegence to issue a ticking off to the girl. (The MOD90 thing is always better augmented by your FMT 600 being wrapped around the licence (or counterpart if you have it in your wallet).

    Anyway..theres my 2p worth.