Beware ordering from Milletts


That's correct; for example, Go Outdoors don't allow a Blue Light card discount to be combined with any other discount beyond the normal membership price.

That said, you can occasionally get lucky. I've just picked up a new 3-in-1 jacket from Cotswold Outdoor. It was already down to £120 from £150 and the Manager gave me the additional 10% Police discount on top because they had to order the item in from their London Covent Garden store and it would take a week to arrive (Cotswold's count both BF and IE as Police for discounting purposes). I got another £12 off, which was a bit of a deal as far as I was concerned.
Oh yes they do,;) I often use my Camping and Caravan Club membership alongside their discount card , it gives me an extra 10% saving. Also they will price match any item that you can prove is cheaper elsewhere. It has to be exactly the same though, this includes colours.
;) I often use my Camping and Caravan Club membership alongside their discount card , it gives me an extra 10% saving.

I've had continuous membership since 1973 even though I haven't camped for over 20 years (maintained for the RAC discount and nostalgia) and didn't know that.



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Thanks for the posts. Ordered a Peter Storm gilet I'd been after for a while in the sale from Blacks :)


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Zippo have provided me with the best “for life guarantee “, sent it back and got new inner, a repaired and refurbished outer - a roll of flints (about 30) and a letter thanking me for the opportunity to sort out their product and advising me not to send it back ever again full of fuel in the post as it might explode or summat....all I would have needed for it to have been the perfect day would have been a signed photo of the secretary with her norks out!

Well done Bradford PA
While we're on the subject of Leatherman tools, does anyone here have an early model before the screws had a toothed edge ?
I had one of those early models, I stopped using it after a while and went to a Gerber because it was easier to flick the pliers out.

The leathernan is probably in a box somewhere in my garage.
It all sounds very expensive, I'll stick with Man at Q&M for now.


Slight thread drift, I remember my section got issued Leatherman's on exercise once (might have been Saif Sareea) within the hour,4 of us had sliced various parts of our fingers off and the other two had cut, sawn and poked holes in everything within 20 m ""just testing all the bits boss". One of the earliest posts I ever read on arrse, described the Leatherman as the true force multiplier, I thought the comment was genius then and still do.
I certainly got my money’s worth from the multi tools I used, but I carried one on ops, unnecessary weight.
I've always smiled at lifetime guarantees. You buy it, two years later it dies, then when you approach the the manufacturer they say " It's died, therefore it's out of it's lifetime". Happened to me with a Leatherman. B'stards.
Interesting. A friends Leatherman blade broke so he sent it back.
Got a newer version with an apology by return of post.
Beaten by several others.
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Then as others have intimated it's the retailer not the company.
Met Tim Leatherman and amongst other questions asked him about the change from lifetime to twenty-five years. He said it was a legal thing in some jurisdictions, but he'd repair or replace any Leatherman tool regardless of age anyway.

Approach the company directly and they'll tell you which retailer to contact.
And it'll probably be Whitby.
Snapped the file off my Supertool 100 a few years ago and got a Gerber to replace it, which it doesn't. Other than the file being unsuitable as a pry bar (I know, weird, right?) I'm much more impressed by the build quality of the Leatherman. I'll give it a whirl.

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