Discussion in 'Travel' started by siggy16, Dec 21, 2009.

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  1. This goes out to all that will listen, I myself am going to be canceling my RAC membership and moving to the AA, and i would advise all to do the same.

    I got caught in the bad (extreme) weather on saturday returning from leicester on the back roads and got stuck in a valley unable to get out either side due to the extreme ice on the road with several other vehicles. I then decided to phone the RAC for assistance as have been a member for a while. My first phone call once it eventually got through, i was told that due to the extreme weather conditions that they would not come and give me road side assistance or recovery.

    One of the other guys that was stuck with me, was a member of the AA, so he tried them, within an hour of him phoning and explaining the conditions of the road, the AA had tasked one of their own 4x4 recovery vehicles to tow his vehicle out and then take him to his home address.
    I then myself tried the RAC again and was told that the operator i first spoke to was wrong and was entitled to recovery/road side assistance, but the rac do not own any specialist vehicles like the AA, so then tasked a mercedes van to come and get me, i spoke to the driver and he then told me that he did not have any towing capability and i advised him that if his vehicle went into the valley it would be unable to get back out. The RAC then advised me that i should abandon my car till the morning and call them again in the morning and they would have worked out a plan by then. I then complied and waited till the morning to phone again, i got through to the call centre again and no plan had been formulated, they had done nothing what so ever. I eventually then got them after much arguing to recover my vehicle, or they at least said they would (now sunday by the way) and i was told to wait out for a phone call from one of their contracters in the area to arrange for my vehicle to be recovered.

    I then recieved the phone call from the contracter telling me that they were enable to get to my vehicle with their lorry due to it's location, by this stage i was quite annoyed as i had told the RAC the conditions of the road and had told them all i needed was a 4x4 vehicle to tow me out of the valley as the AA had done the previous day. So essentially they had contracted a contracter to recover my vehicle that did not have the required equipment to do the job (second time). The contracter then told me that they were trying to source or sub contract a 4x4 vehicle from somewhere else, but could take several hours.

    It was at this point i had enough, i drove out there myself on my own, and knocked on a local farmers door, i then asked him if he could give me a hand in his 4x4 to tow my vehicle out of the valley, he then proceeded to do just that. i then parked my vehicle on the side of the road, alongside the vehicle i had brought out myself, as the clutch had been burn't out the previous day trying to get out the valley. I then informed the RAC that my vehicle was now accessible by a normal recovery truck. (now sunday afternoon). The RAC then said they would send somebody out to get my vehicle, but i was only entitled to a 10 mile tow to the nearest garage, as my home address was 20 miles away via motorway. I then argued with them further as i had now saved them a considerable amount of money recovering the vehicle myself and to my knowledge their aren't many garages open on a sunday so what would be the point and the least they could do was get my vehicle to my house.

    The operator (the fifth i had spoken to) agreed with me and went back to his managers to plead my case. The operator then came back to me with good news that the RAC were sending out their contracter to take my car all the way home, and would then pick it up in the morning to take it to my local garage irregardless of the 10 mile tow rule. This then happened which was good. Apart from this morning when i phoned the RAC again to arrange a pick up time to take my car to my local garage, the RAC guarented that a tow would be at my home address within 75 minutes max of the time of my phone call at half nine in the morning. It wasn't till 11:30 when no one had showed up, that i decided to phone the RAC again to see what was happening, at about noon i finally got through, and was told that despite what had been arranged previously they would not be sending their contracter for another couple of hours, even though as a favour to me the VW citygate garage needed my car before 2pm to get it seen that day, and repaired. I was told in no uncertain terms that my car was not important enough even though they had already given me a max guarentee of 75 minutes max, they had according to the new operator i was now speaking to unable to fulfil this and shouldn't have given the guarentee in the first place!!!!

    I then got my friend in his 4x4 to tow me to the garage, and i was there by 13:15 just in time for the garage. My parents then phoned me at 14:30 to tell me that the recovery vehicle had just turned up and was wondering where my car was!!! As i had been unable to get the RAC on the phone to cancel the truck!!! The RAC have been the most unhelpful service i have ever experienced, and were unable to do anything right, error after error was compacted upon error, after speaking to 3 managers nothing has been resolved. Whats most annoying is that i used to be a member of the AA, and if i had been i would not have had to go through this experience, this is not the first time this country has ever seen snow, and what i was asking for was not unreasonable as i pay my fees the same as everyone else. I understand it is the busiest they have been for a while, but i have been dealt with by the RAC with a constant stream of pure lies and outright incompetence, i wouldn't have minded leaving my car for a few days, but as you are all aware the weather is not getting any better. Beware and change to the AA i am!!!
  2. Your second post in about 18 months,and this is the best you can do?
  3. I always trust the RAC. Good bunch of lads, never blown the crap out of anything belonging to me.
  4. There was me thinking this was going to be a thread about some Chally 2 drivers, Current affairs I see what youve done there!
  5. Cant you read?the poor chaps been stuck in a valley :)
  6. Worse things happen at sea
  7. ooooh, I was preparing myself for a scrap too!
  8. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    To be fair to the RAC, I had a blow out on the A40 by RAF Northolt in the summer, I called the AA as I got free membership when I bought the car, they sent out a vehicle immediately. Within 2 minutes of phoning the AA, an RAC van pulled up and helped me out straight away even though I wasn't a member and he knew the AA was on it's way.

    I have also owned various classic Italian cars in the past and as we all know they aren't the most reliable of vehicles. As a member of the RAC at the time, to say I raped the fair usage policy to within an inch of it's life would be an understatement. At one point I called them out four times in one week and each time they cheerfully came and rescued me without question or prejudice.

    I have only ever had fantastic experiences with the RAC, the only experience with the AA I've had was when I reported my blow out, I never even saw the van as the RAC man sorted me out for free before the AA even had a chance to turn up.

    Sorry to hear about your gash experience but I can only presume the RAC are mega busy at present due to the current weather. I would assume the AA are in a similar situation, maybe your oppo was just lucky as the AA 4x4 was nearby at the time.
  9. Buy a Range Rover you boring cnut.
  10. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I had one, it was a pile of utter shit. Defender 110 all the way these days. Wouldn't mind the new Disco though.
  11. Range Rover is a car for Girlies.
  12. You could sign out the keys to the outrage bus, but it's not a 4x4 and doesn't have any towing capability. You may need a mercedes replacement.
  13. I had a similar experience but with the AA on a sunday night. Broken down, stranded on the M5 I was driven 150 miles (For Free) and dropped off at a garage this fellar knew. Half expecting them to sting me twice as much for the repairs (Would have still been a bargain) they fitted the parts for a pretty average cost and stayed open late to allow me to pick it up the next day.

    I joined the AA the next day and have been with them ever since.
  14. have a look here

    I have had a set for quite some time but as yet not had the opportunity to use them. however i got them after reading reviews saying how good they are.
  15. Wouldn't it have been easier to call your mate who has the 4x4 in the first place, get him to sort you out and then go to the pub and buy him a pint? Would save the mileage on the outrage bus. :)