Beware of RLC scammer. This Cnut thinks selling cars via Army credible

This recently seen in Farmers Ads by a mate:

Land Rover - Discovery, Land, Land Rover Discovery in Bristol | Farming Ads

Very good price. In fact an exceedingly good price. Cutting a long story short....the c*nt's last email said this

Hi again,
You are right, I bought this car in July and I've changed the number plate. The log book is in my name.
Before leaving I had prearranged shipping and payment with PayPal (the most secure way to pay and get paid) so my presence isn't necessary. The car is at our Headquarters from Grantham, Lincolnshire. The Logistic Department will deliver the car to your home. The price includes all the shipping costs and insurance, so you won't have to pay any extra charges. Since I work with the Army the delivery process is not an issue, I'll have the car shipped at your home address in maximum 2 days.
Here is what I suggest: we will use PayPal services, you'll make the payment in a PayPal managed account trust fund (they'll hold the money until you'll receive the car ), I will send the car over( the car will be delivered with the owner's manual, service records, and of course the bill of sale authorized and signed by me),I will offer a 5 days period from the day you'll receive the car , you can inspect it, take it to a mechanic to check it out, drive it and then if you decided to keep it, you'll confirm to PayPal the sale and they will send the payment to me. If, by any reason, you will not be satisfied with it (I can assure you that it is exactly as described), you can return it at my expense for a full refund of your money, no questions asked.Please note, that the return of my car will be made, only after you will get your money back. I think this is more than fair for the both of us.
The payment is refundable, and is just a security measure, to make sure that the buyer is serious, and that I am not going to ship the car, and loose time and money. Your payment is 100% covered, because I have open a Trust Account with PayPal and if something goes wrong, you will get a full refund from my account. If you are interested to go ahead with the deal, please reply with your full name, phone # and shipping address so I can ask PayPal to open a case! After that, they will contact you explaining all the details regarding the payment.
I'm looking forward to hear from you.

Sgt. Martin Jack Huey
165 Port and Maritime Regiment RLC

Hi again,
I am from Hambrook , Bristol, but I was deployed last week in Umm Qasr, Iraq and I think I'll stay here for a while that's why I'm selling it so cheap. I intend to buy a new car when I'll get back home.
My phone# is 07466488472, but I can't take calls from other people except family. You can send me a text if you want.
I will use Paypal to sell this car safely since I'm not able to make the sale in person. Let me know if you are interested in a purchase and I will give you more info.

Sgt. Martin Jack Huey
165 Port and Maritime Regiment RLC

For any civvy already duped a Google came up with this thread on • View topic - Possible car sale scam - Need advice !!

The thread contains posts from other people being offered other vehicles and the end 'offer' being verbatim what my mate got.

So be warned, people. If it sounds too good to be true, that's because it is.


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Normally it would be enough to give 165 Port and Maritime a bad name, but as it's full of Scousers it'll be difficult.
VG, can I have a lend of it? I'll take good care of it, and only use it in the correct syntax
Reading down the scamwarners thread and buried away is this little does look as if the knobber just might....just might...have given their name and address away. Anyone down that neck of the woods care to 'investigate'?

The car will be returned only if you will not want to buy it. You can contact PayPal through the chat option from your PayPal invoice. You need to transfer the payment to the PayPal Agent's Bank Account. I will be paid only after you will agree with my car.
I communicated on the chat with a PayPal agent and he explained me the entire process. You must transfer the payment £ 1,600, through Bank Transfer, to their PayPal agent's Bank Account:
....PayPal Agent Name: Alexandru Gabriel Saru
Address: Flat 18, Yellowhammer Court, 26 Eagle Drive, London, NW9 5AJ, United Kingdom .......

Bank Name: Barclays Bank PLC
Bank Address: 247 Edgware Road, Colindale, London, NW9 6LS, United Kingdom
Account Number : 23765849
IBAN : GB33 BARC 2029 4123 7658 49
Sort Code: 20 29 41
So you need to go at your bank or you can do it from your PC if you have internet banking. Please understand that if you will use another way to pay for it, your payment will not be protected. If you need help, let me know, reply to PayPal, or chat with them.
Thanks, David

Sgt. David Clift

David Clift
23 Pioneer Regiment RLC .

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