Beware of Greeks hurling bricks...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Neuroleptic, Dec 9, 2008.

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  1. Poor old Bubbles,
    They're all pretty miffed about the fact that the taxpayer is still paying for the Olympics.

    I expect I'll be chucking bricks at Lord Co and cronies come 2112ish.
  2. Age old problem of students calling the shots in Greece.

    Unions will leap on the bandwaggon today in protest against a conservative government. Expect more trouble.
  3. Stomp... drag... stomp... drag...

    Yep... it works, especially with bayonets fixed.
  4. Have seen a little bit of this over the past few dayts on the news - what made me laugh was that the coppers seem to spend most of their time throwing rocks back at the protesters!!!!! :? Don't remeber that being part of any piblic order drills I've done! :D
  5. According to some bloke on the radio this morning they don't have any TSG type units and very little equipment beyond cs cannisters, the next level of ecalation is firearms and no one wants to do that to kids. Stopping there pocket money may be the only answer.
  6. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    The problem is that a copper did this to a 15 year old boy, which sparked off the riots. Whta's really interesting is that the rioters retreat into the university campuses because, according to the Telegraph (so it must be true), police are not allowed into univeristies in Greece. Bizarre
  7. Not really, it's a hangover from the times of Military dictatorship, and the civil government wishing to avoid a situation similar to Paris or Berlin in '68.

    Which is kind of what they have now..
  8. I must be simple but I don't quite see how setting fire to some poor bugger's shop will bring about change in the methods that are used for policing in Greece.

    As for hurling the rocks back? Well it's a bit like sending the ammo back so they can get a refill innit?
  9. Its a bit more than that with the students. It is widely believed that the uprising against the dictatorship was inspired and led by students so police taking the battle back to the schools and universities would have a massive political significance. The students know this make use of it and are probably trying to provoke the police into moving into Universities and escalating matters.

    Give them more homework - stop their silly games.
  10. What might prove to be interesting is if the current govt in Greece falls (it only has a majority of 1), and is replaced by the left wingers who are stoking these riots. You would then have a good old fashioned tax and spend socialist governement, with the Greek approach to "fiscal prudence", operating in the Euro Zone! Cant see the Germans and a few others being too happy with that!
  11. Sorry, thought this thread was advertising a new Olympic sport!! :eek: Then I rechecked the spelling of the last word.
  12. Are you sure you didn't see them throwing CS grenades? They are throwing quite a few of those.
  13. It's all Greek to me.
  14. Greece falsified their economic statistics to gain Euro entry.This they later admitted.The rest of the Eurozone turned a blind eye.

    What if Britain had done the same?.