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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Danny_Dravot, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. now, despite AMAZON being a top e-tailer i've now heard of 3 seperate incidents where MILL HILL have refused to despatch Amazon items to BFPO address.

    MILL HILL claim that Amazon are not applying the correct postal (contract) rates?

    personally, i've always found Amazon tip-top...but 3 incidents this side of xmas in my (very) small circle of friends?

    is this MILL HILL being uber jobsworths or Amazon fcuking things up?

    has anybody else had these problems?
  2. I ordered a ZSU 23, 2xICBM warheads (50 kiloton each), a T80 and a slack handful of IPL50 flamethrowers from Amazon Russia, and they still haven't rocked up. I think they are stuck in customs. So yes, I too am having problems.
  3. The problem lies with mill hill being complete jobs worths from what I can gather. I had a problem with amazon which they were amazingly helpfull with. When I contacted mill hill, where the problem actually was, I was basically told that I should be gratefull to get bfpo mail at all!
  4. I think I got your order.

    If you received a "Sex for One with Betty Dodson" DVD, a Rampant Rabbit, 100 feet of 12/3 electric cable and a Delco tractor battery, PM me so we can exchange. Thanks.
  5. That's pretty much it mate, but I think they mixed up the 12/3 electric cable for 100 feet of detcord, but in all fairness they have thrown in a rare selection of Javanese Boar tusks by way of apology.
  6. Mill Hill where its sports afternoon everday of the week, There ladies "Subueteo" team have won the UKLF bean flicking award on many occasions over the years. They boast more "Givers" and "Takers" in there ranks than III para mortars.

    Maybe if some of the RLC' s "Finest" spent more time "Licking the stamp" than "Lapping the Clam" threads like these wouldnt raise there heads above the firing point?

    My condolence goes to those that have lost "Cherished" items in the system.

    Incidentley if any posties are reading this my mother is still awaiting delivery of 1 X painted Coconut husk (Sunset over the sea) signed by Mr Ramclam the artist and NAAFI manager of Rideau Camp and a framed scorpion that was captured, preserved and framed by the "Wellie Wearing" "Willy Watching" choggie toilet cleaner of APC, They are still lost in the BFPO post system or maybe they are sat in the "Black Dyke Mueseum" at Mill Hill.
  7. And which of you mill hill tossers has my Bose wavemaster system in there fcking living room - it was recorded delivery, but it still went missing?
  8. Did you know that Richer Sounds now deliver to BFPO address via Mill Hill.
  9. wait for the customer complaints to come rolling in when MILL HILL start rejecting customer orders for spurious "technical" reasons
  10. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    To be fair to Amazon, I'm getting their parcels OK in Iraq. However....

    They do use 'associates' however who - and I'm talking to you, Pixmania, you Festering Frog Freaks - who take your money and send a despatch note when they haven't sent anything. Barstewards. They accepted the address that Amazon send to, but it took them 3 weeks to tell me that they couldn't post to BFPO, as they are based in France. Amazon refunded me pretty fast, but it still rankles.

    Oh, and the post here is absolutely diabolical. The post seems to go from BAS to Shaibah, then back to BAS for despatch (occasionally) to us. It can take one week to get a letter from the UK, or three, or, far too often, they never reach here at all. The Posties have to be told every single week that I am on the camp, as they are utter knobs with the IQ of a bowling ball.

    Rants off. I feel better now, and resigned to never getting any post ever again.
  11. There are without doubt items that have gone missing through loss and theft at Mill Hill , and investigations are made and MDP/RMP called in. Additonally if it has been properly insured at the point of postage then compensation can be claimed. If it is worth a lot of money then pay for the special delivery price...recorded post will not cover the insurance costs of a BOSE speaker. Never send valables unless sent special delivery...much of the theft happen in UK depots. Surely you will remeber the various C4 documentaries on Royal Mail?

    The Commercial Reciepts branch at Mill Hill is required to charge carriers for the cost of delivery from Mill Hill to the various BFPO addresses. The NAO insisted on this not BFPO or MOD. Before 'commerical receipts' started charging these commercial companies you were paying Royal Mail/Amazon et al for delivery all of the way and the MOD was picking up the tab. Now the MOD gets its element of the money you have already paid the company for carriage. This is why not all companies will deliver to BFPO addresses because they will not pay BFPO for this elm of the carriage.
  12. Will they be making any films on the "Ups and Downs" of the ladies subbuteo team at Mill Hill?

    Maybe a change of name to "Mlllar" Hill would attract more competent staff and there would be no shortage of stamp lickers/saliva or cnuts to take the blame when you dont/cant/wont deliver........
  13. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    T-Y....did the 240 Volt mains adaptor arrive separately ? :lol:

    Still a taco free zone down there huh ? You'll be pleased to hear that Sainsbury's now stock Pinto beans !

    Senor Cabra
  14. why not pass the cost to the recipient who can then take up the case with the retailer with a view to getting a refund? I'm sure that's what happens in the UK

    it can't cost much to post, say an ipod (less than 2KGs), this is surely better than having to chase your tail trying to find out where your stuff has gone?

    i'd rather pay an extra couple of quid delievry than wait for 3-4 weeks only to be informed that my order had been rejected?

    also why does some stuff get rejected and other stuff get through...i suspect some window-licker at mill-hill makes arbitrary decisions depending on how he's feeling that day
  15. Just a thought but has anyone tried using the civilian address for your camp (obviously only works in certain countries). I did this for years in Germany and it massively reduced delivery times, if necessary ask a pad if you can use his/her house address. BFPO is (generally) good for Op theatres but far too slow in other areas.