Bevin Boys dedication at National Memorial Arboretum

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CptDanjou, May 8, 2013.

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  1. I havent seen this mentioned on Arrse yet...

    BBC News - Bevin Boys dedication at National Memorial Arboretum

    My view is they played an essential part in the war but I`m not so sure as they should be at the Arboretum , many other people had reserved occupations such as farmers who , without , Britain would have starved but I dont hear the NFU calling for a memorial.
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  2. They weren't a 'reserved occupation'. Bevin Boys were selected at random from the general conscription call up.
  3. My Dad designed gun camera's in the war as his join up to the RAF was stopped by his boss in Kodak as the gun camera work was deemed more important......where's his memorial? I demand a memorial!!!
  4. I guess then if you lived in a mining town your generally were sent down the pit?
  5. oldbaldy

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    It was a lottery. Each week a number from 0-9 was drawn from a hat, if your national insurance number ended with that number, down the mines you went, without knowing why you were selected.
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  6. Notable Bevin Boys:

    Sir Jimmy Savile, DJ and charity worker

  7. No a lot of the Pals were from mining towns and villages.
  8. My dad was a miner from leaving school age 14.
    He joined up mid 30;s no work darn pit.
    When I was 15 my Ma said what do want to do when you leave school.
    Don't know go darn pit.
    My dad a quite man leaped out of his chair, You Will Not.
    When I joined up he never said a word.

  9. [h=2]Notable Bevin Boys [edit][/h]
  10. Can imagine threads on BevanBoys.Com.
    'THAT shovel'
    'Davy Lamp any good?'
    'Did anyone go down with Jimmy Savile? Fnar fnar.'
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  11. my grandad worked in tin mines down south (devon?) during the war although he volunteered as opposed to being selected by lottery after failing the RN medical (dodgy ankle) and had then been sent white feathers in the post.

    he died before i really got a chance to speak with him about it but i recall him telling me he blew stuff up down pit and i got the feeling he didnt much like it.
  12. No - you were selected just like any other conscript.

    I read this book a couple of years ago - a real eye opener and absolutely fascinating:


    I also met an old boy who told me he'd been a Bevin Boy. he said he'd hated every day of it and would much rather have sent into the armed forces to fight. He was still resentful that he'd been sent down the mines instead of being allowed to fight like most of his mates.