Beverly Allitt

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Lance_Jacked, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. Lance_Jacked

    Lance_Jacked Old-Salt

    Found this on BBC News

    Beverly Allitt, the nurse given 13 life sentences for murdering and attacking children in her care, has applied for a review of her sentence.

    BBC News

    While ironicaly the inquiry into her case has helped to protect children since, the thought of her even being considered for early release leaves a bad taste in my mouth...
  2. I hope someone stabs the B@*ch in the eyes. :twisted:
  3. dizzyone

    dizzyone Crow

    She deserves to burn in hell!!

    I wonder if the parents of those poor kiddies will get a reprieve on their life sentences?!!
  4. Iolis

    Iolis LE

    Much will depend upon the government's 'guidelines' issued to the Parole Board by the Home Office which will be influenced, in part by Treasury considerations.

    I do find it axiomatic that on the one hand, someone such as Myra Hindley was sentenced to spend the rest of her natural life in prison where she died for the murder and torture of far less children than Allitt. I would find it repugnant in the extreme that any possibility should exist in any way shape or form that Allitt should not share the same fate as Hindley since I find no moral distinction between the actions of both!
  5. FFS what are you going on about... Who gives a toss about the Treasury.

  6. woody

    woody LE

    She deserves all she got .Nurses arent supposed to kill patients .And compared to shipman just make nurses look second rate compared to doctors
    How will doctors respect us when our murdering psychos are no where near
    their murdering psychos in numbers.
  7. Hmm, my neigbours are looking for a babysitter for their spawn (the little sh1ts). I wonder if she's entertaining many job offers at the moment?
  8. Lance_Jacked

    Lance_Jacked Old-Salt

    I wish that was even close to black humour :(
  9. missy

    missy Old-Salt

    There is no way the women should be set free, she suffers from Munchausen By Proxy, which is a psychological condition where the sufferers get pleasure out of makeing people ill so they can treat them! she is a disgrace to the nursing profession, in the fact that she killed all those children and if u research the case it's a disgrace that knowone realised what she was doing!
    She may suffer from an illness but that is not reason to let her out, a serial killer wouldn't be set free so neither should she!
  10. Lance_Jacked

    Lance_Jacked Old-Salt

    Totaly argree missy, as a student nurse about to qualify, the Allitt case is cited time and time again throught training so its dosent happen again, but the reality is i'm afraid it proberbly will. Judging by the follow up stories in the press its not going down too well though. Do you think the powers that be may actually go and do the right thing here??????

    I bet she has all nice little perks in her prision.... Do as the romans did, put her in a big bag with mental pitbull, a crazy chicken and deranged rat and throw them into a river. Although thats unkind to the animals...
  11. missy

    missy Old-Salt

    I am also a student nurse, hand have spend many lectures on the subject of beverley allitt!

    I should hope that they would do the right thing and keep her inside, but sadly judging by past stories there is a chance they could let her out, but to be honest what sort of life would she have if she was let out? people would want to killer her after what she did!
    like when they let the boys out that murderd that little boy in the 90's (can't rememeber their names) she would have to go into a protection program, and she would never (I hope be allowed near children)

    here's hoping the law does have some sense and keep her in her padded cell!
  12. suits_U

    suits_U LE

    Agreed she should rot in prison until the end of her life.
    I dont care if shes ill.
    The suffering she goes through is nothing compared to the agony
    that the parents of those poor children went through and are probably still going through.

    my tuppence worth
  13. i think you mean the bulger murder

    the two killers who were given a new identity 750 grand house, cars etc

    crime doesnt pay :lol:
  14. missy

    missy Old-Salt

    It's shocking, should never be aloud to happen!
  15. I think she deserves better press. All she was trying to do, albeit misguidedly, was ease the bed-blocking problem by offing all the whinging tw*ts and no hopers.